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Welcome to Algebra!  
Tuesday/Wednesday - Defense for CC 8 or 10 (pick ONE) (answers to packets are posted in the classroom)  *****
Thursday/Friday - Defense for CC 11 (answers to packets are posted in the classroom)
***** Period 5 and Period 2 - - - will be taking the Defense for CC 8 or 10 on Wednesday during 4th or 6th period.   Mr. Bosler should be contacting you on Tuesday to arrange this with you.  If you do not hear from him, be sure to see me Tuesday after school.


Recent Posts

Should I take Geometry in Summer School?

Many parents email me each year, asking if I would recommend that their student take Geometry in Summer School so that they can enroll in Honors Algebra II as a Freshman.

Here are my thoughts:

My first question for Suzie Student would be "WHY?"  What benefit is there for Suzie to take Geometry in 6 weeks and then take Honors Algebra ll as a Freshman?  What will taking Honors Algebra ll as a Freshman allow Suzie to do?  

Second question, "Has Suzie visited a college website to see what the requirements are for acceptance?"  Most of the university websites that I have visited (Stanford, Harvard, Yale, USC, etc) mention that they want applicants who have taken "a challenging course load".  Most also mention “four years of mathematics”. Not one website mentions “Calculus”, let alone "two years of Calculus".  When I have spoken with Admissions personnel at colleges, I have heard the same thing.


Geometry is a powerful area of study (my personal favorite!).  I cannot imagine that Suzie could experience in 6 weeks of summer school the beauty and power of Geometry.  For that reason, I do not recommend that ANY student take Geometry in the summer.  


Math is not a race to see who can get to Calculus the fastest!  Mathematics is a way of thinking that is beautiful, logical and powerful.  It develops a part of the brain that performs visual and analytical thinking.

For some reason, students hear about a friend who is taking this ultra-rigorous pathway, then decide that they don't want to be left behind or to appear "not as smart as" the others - - - academic peer pressure, for lack of a better term. 


Here are some links to college admissions websites for you to explore.





Information regarding Defenses for Semester Final

INFO REGARDING DEFENSES:  Students with an "A" in a Concept Category will NOT be taking a Defense in that Concept Category.  Every student who has a grade less than an "A" in a Concept Category will be REQUIRED to take the Defense for that Concept Category.  Students who complete the Defense Packet for any given Concept Category are guaranteed that their score will NOT go down in that Concept Category when they take the Defense.  However, if a student chooses to NOT complete the packet, they take the risk of their score going down.  Bottom line.....COMPLETE the Defense Packets and you will have nothing to lose! 
Defense packets are due at the beginning of class on the day of the Defense!
Example:  "Henry" has the following scores:
CC1 = 92
CC2 = 75
CC3 = 85
CC4 = 95
CC5 = 68
Henry will NOT be taking the Defense for CC1 or CC4.  He is required to take the Defenses for CC2, CC3 and CC5.  He only completed the Defense Packet for CC3 and CC5.  When he takes the Defenses, he is guaranteed a score of 85 or higher on CC3 and guaranteed a score of 68 or higher on CC5.  Because he did not complete the Defense Packet for CC2, his score could go down for CC2.