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Welcome to a new school year! Thank you for subscribing to my website. This is the easiest way to keep on top of classwork and know what you've missed if you are absent. I will post important due dates, electronic copies of handouts (which you can add to your student Google Drive account if you wish), and short descriptions of assignment directions. Sometimes due dates can change, so I will post updated information here. Please e-mail me whenever you have any questions, but be sure to check here first for what you need. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you!


Recent Posts

Course Recommendations

This week, your child will receive a course recommendation letter. You will see whether or not your child was recommended for Honors or Regular ELA 8. This was based on the criteria described in the attached copy of the recommendation letter. If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me! 
**This recommendation letter needs to be read and signed by you. Your child must return it to me by Tuesday/Wednesday May 9th/10th. 

Summer Reading Assignment

Attached are the directions for the Summer Reading Assignment. Another great source for finding books based on Lexile levels is:  Students will be taking their last SRI Test in the next few weeks which tells them their current Lexile reading level. I would also recommend looking at AP Literature Reading Lists for an extra challenge: 
Let me know if you have questions before we are done for the year! The assignment is also posted in Spanish and electronically on the CCMS Website. 

SBAC Testing

We will be completing the ELA SBAC tests from April 18th-May 3rd. Please be sure that students are getting enough rest and are eating big breakfasts/lunches every day. Their homework load should be lighter in other classes, as these tests are very rigorous. Students will have as much as they need to complete the SBAC test, and should bring Free Choice Reading Books with them to class each day. Thanks! 

Formative Explanations

Hello all! I just wanted to explain what the recent Formative "Grades" in Aeries mean. Formative Assessments are assignments that check for mastery of specific standards, but are not grades which affect a student's overall class grade in Aeries. I make student groups based on how students do (some need a challenge, some need to practice just part of the standard, etc.). We had a Formative Assessment on Formal Writing (the Electricity Prompt) and students were placed in one of five groups, depending on what they need to work on. This corresponds with the score you see in Aeries. We also gave a our first practice SBAC test (on informational texts, Standard RI 7.1) to see how students scored. 4=standard exceeded 3=standard met 2=standard nearly met and 1=standard not met. These will be entered in Aeries within the next few days. It takes 48 hours for the system to grade their responses and for me to hand score their written responses. Email me if you have further questions! 

Anthem Information

Students are encouraged to purchase their own copies of Anthem by Ayn Rand by the end of Winter Break (January 3rd). Used copies are around $1.00 and new copies (including Amazon Prime) cost around $6.00. Barnes and Noble currently has copies, but I would call first to make sure. Any edition of the book is fine.  If students are not able to purchase their own copy, I have extras, but students need to contact me ASAP to secure one. They will have to annotate using sticky notes on my copy, so it is preferable for them to have their own. 

Research Due Date Update!

I have extended Group Research time...your Research Source and Note Cards, Research Essays, and Visual Projects are now due on Thursday 13th/Friday 14th next week! The Rubric will be posted soon...all groups are expected to continue working outside of class until the due date. 

The Most Dangerous Game

Here's a copy of the short story we are reading in class. There's no HW, but if students want to print out their own copy they can. If they have been absent: please only read to page 13 and annotate for human vs. animal, reason vs. intellect, foreshadowing, and anything else important (focusing on conflict).