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Welcome to Culver City Middle School and Mr. Allen's 7th grade social studies class.

Watch for class information, assignments, and grades on three school webpages.
1. One site is this one. Directions for some assignments will be given here.
2. Another site will be "" Assignments and tests can be found here.
3. Aeries is a third page. This will be the place where teachers will post grades for all students.
This teacher may also use a blog site dedicated to student learning and something called "Google Classroom." 

You are loved and appreciated.


Recent Posts

1st Class Debate

Students are currently working in teams to prepare for a debate. They know the topic. Students were given some instruction on how to do the debate through two videos and teacher notes. Those videos and notes came be found for review by going through the CANVAS webpage, clicking on the Google Classroom icon for the student's period.
The expectation is to have the debate finished by December 9.