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6th Grade 2020-2021 ASB Application 

Do you enjoy helping others in your school and community? 

Do you like planning school events, like dances, spirit days and digital rallies? 

Do you love having school spirit and helping all panthers feel special? 

Then ASB is for you..


ASB is currently taking 6th grade applications, we are looking for enthusiastic, organized, creative, open minded, and hard working panthers. We are in need of students who love their community and school and want to help others and make sure all panthers feel safe and included. 

Applications are due: Friday, August 28th. to Mrs.Vielman



"To me, ASB means leadership, friendship, and putting others before yourself. It is stepping up to take the lead and doing what is best for your peers, rather than yourself.

 ASB represents family—we are each so different. From our cultures to our hobbies, yet we come together as a family and build friendships that will last a lifetime."


-Ava Steins, 8th grader at CCMS.


"ASB meant that I was always going to have a responsibility, work to do, but a team of  supportive people to help me with all of it. ASB represents a lot of different things, but overall it helps to project the idea that students with nothing in common besides an aptitude for leadership can all work together and form a family, which is what CCMS is as well."


-Bianca Egan, Former ASB student


"I gained SO MUCH knowledge from ASB in many different ways. I learned from other ASB members as well as from Mrs. Vielman. I gained knowledge on things I didn't even know existed on our campus, for example, expenditures and everything that goes into planning events. The things that were most knowledgeable to me, were the things I learned from other ASB leaders, whether it be getting to know them or something that I didn't know about ASB that they did."


-Gabriella Gilbert, Former ASB member (2019-2020)