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Dear Parents

Dear Parents and Students,
2/23/18  An Ocean Safety Field Trip is coming up on March 15th for my first period students.  My other students who qualify will attend with their first period teacher.  Students with no U's and no more than one N in citizenship and work habits on their first semester report card  qualify to attend. Permission slips for my first period were handed out this week and need to be returned no later than Thursday, March 1st.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  This day is a lot of fun for kids, so I encourage everyone who qualifies to attend to do so.  :-)
2/20/18  We are right in the middle of our Fractions Unit which starts on spiral page 188. Students have been reviewing adding and subtracting fractions and have notes on spiral pages 190-191, and 206-207.  Today/tomorrow we started reviewing how to multiply fractions and took notes on spiral page 211.
Several students have opted to defend the Unit 5 Test: Geometry.  It is important that students submit their evidence of study one day prior to the defense date.  Examples of evidence are the following:  redoing Goal Problems, test problems, homework problems, IXL practice, pages from the text book, working with a tutor, and/or anything else that students see fit.  
2/9/18  This week students received their Unit 5 tests and grades are posted online.  These grades are the only marks that make up the 5 week progress report.  The defenses for this test start on Thursday, February 15 during PAWS.  The other dates for defenses are:  Friday, February 16th after school until 3:30, Tuesday, February 20th during PAWS and after school until 3:30,  Thursday, February 22nd during PAWS, and Friday, February 23rd after school until 3:30.
This week students started a new unit, Fractions.  The unit starts on spiral page 188.  We took our first Goal Problem for this unit and students took them home graded.  The only exception is period four, who still needs to grade it next week.  We unfortunately ran out of time to do so today.
1/24/18  We are wrapping up our Unit 5: Geometry and preparing for our test next week.  Students should have this information written in their Time Tracker. There are several pages of notes and active practice work.  The unit starts on spiral page 140 and ends on page189.  Spiral pages 181 and 183 are extra practice sheets that are not required.  Please feel free to do them if they help you learn the material. To better help all of my students, please verify that your child has a spiral notebook, a glue stick, pencils, and a red pen.  
1/10/18  Happy New Year!  This week we focused on area of polygons.  Students are encouraged to use their notes in their spiral notebook on pages 154-157.  I have noticed that several students cannot multiply without using their Time Tracker.  If your child still cannot multiply the basic 1-12 facts with automanticity, please work with him/her.  This week we have been working on Active Practice, area of polygons,  and those pages are 158-159:  Leveled Cards and pages 166-167: Round Robin.  Please ask your child to show you their work on these pages to see if it is up to standard for understanding.  Thank you!
12/21/17  Students completed Semester 1 and grades will be updated on Friday, December 22nd. If anyone was absent this week and still needs to make up a test, we will figure that out our first week of return in January.  I was thrilled with how cooperative my classes were today and how productive we all were.  I wish everyone a Happy Holiday!  I hope that you enjoy a fun and relaxing break.  
While on Winter Break, students can work on some math skills by doing some IXL practice.  The website is:  I recommend working on anything that one thinks s/he needs, such as HH1, D2, FF1-6, and R1-5.   Our current unit is Geometry, aka Geomtetric Measurement, which is covered in the FF1-6 section.
12/13/17  Students took the Unit 4:Order of Operations test this week, and tests will be returned on Thursday/Friday of this week. If a student wishes to defend this test, it will be offered during class next week on Thursday/Friday, December 21st and 22nd.
12/6/17  Defenses for Unit 3:  Whole Number and Decimal fluency will be next week.  The dates for these defenses are:  Monday, 12/11/17 and Friday after school from 2:30-3:15, and during PAWS on 12/12/17 and 12/14/17.  Defenses for all units in Semester 1 will be held on the same dates above.
Students worked on two Active Practices in class this week, which can be found on spiral  page 133:  Error Analysis-Order of Operations and spiral page 135:  Active Practice-Order of Operations Scavenger Hunt.  Students also worked with tiles numbered 0-9 and solved Order of Operations Problems on cards taped to the desks.  The work for these problems should be found in the spiral notebook on pages 138-139.
11/17/17  Students have been working on using decimals with all four operations and preparing for a test at the end of the month.  The unit starts on spiral page 82 and we have work up to page 113.  Please look for homework and active practice in the notebook to better understand what we are learning.  
All students now have an account to the math website, IXL.  Students can go  The i.d. is their first initial of their first name and last name, ie:  kfairfield, and the password is their student i.d. number.   Some students may have something added to their i.d. if their name is common.  I can help with that information if needed.
11/06/17  Unit 2 tests are being returned this week, so please look for them in your child's spiral notebook.  All tests will be returned by Wednesday, November 8th.
Defenses for Unit 2 are scheduled on the following days:  During PAWS on Thursday, 11/9, Tuesday, 11/14, Thursday, 11/16, and after school on Monday, 11/13 and Friday, 11/17 from 2:30-3:15.
11/03/17 Students are working on division with whole numbers and decimals.  Please work with your children on multiplication of basic facts.  Knowing these will greatly help them solve division problems.
Unit 2 test will go home on Monday and Tuesday, November 6th and 7th. Grades were posted this week on Aeries.   I was waiting for everyone to complete the test and am down to only one student who needs to take the test before I send it home.  Wheww
10/31/17  Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead to everyone who participates and celebrates.  Please be safe tonight and enjoy! 
We are in need of a few things for the classroom.  We need:  facial tissue, disinfecting wipes, foam or liquid hand soap, and whiteboard markers.  Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide.
 10/30/17  Tests are graded and posted on-line for periods 1, 3, and 4.  Period 6 will be finished by the end of Tuesday, October 31st.  If one has a red box, that means s/he has not completed the test.  Students still have one more day to do so.  Completing the test can take place before school or after school tomorrow, October 31st and/or durnig PAWS tomorrow.
10/27/17  We completed Unit 2: Percents test this week.  Some of the scores from 1st period are uploaded already.  If you see a red box, that means the test in incomplete.  Students had the opportunity to complete the test during Thursday PAWS, and after school on Friday, October 27th.  Those students that could not make those times, can still come Monday after school or during PAWS on Tuesday, October 31st.  There will not be any other times offered to complete the test, and all tests will be graded by  Tuesday's end, unless a student is absent.
Defense dates for Unit 2, will be posted the first week in November.
10/16/17 Students started working on Active Practice-Round Robin in class last week and are continuing this week.  There are a total of 19 problems that need to be completed by Thursday/Friday, October 19th/20th.  These problems can be found in the spiral notebook on pages 60-61.
10/10/17  Defenses for Unit 1 are coming up and scheduled for the following dates:  Thursday, October 12th during PAWS, Monday, October 16th after school from 2:30-3:15, Thursday, October 19th during PAWS, and Friday, October 20th after school from 2:30-3:15.  Please remember that 'defending' is a replacement grade and not the better of the two scores.  This means that serious preparation needs to come before a defense. Students need to submit their defense preparation paper work one day before their chosen defense date.  This paper work can include, but not limited to:  redos of incorrect test and homework questions, on-line practice, work provided from a tutor, etc.  
10/05/17  Students took their first math test this week.  Grades will posted by Tuesday, October 10, 2017.  Students get thier tests returned on Tuesday/Wednesday, October 10th/11th.  The tests should be kept in their spiral notebook. 
9/29/17  Students are gearing up for the test next week on Tuesday/Wednesday.  Please review all homework pages, Goal Problems, and Active Practice pages.  The last Active Practice Page will be completed on Monday, October 2nd and can be found on pages 38-39.
9/23/17  Students are still working on ratios and have notes on three different strategies:  1) ratio tables, 2) double number lines, and 3) tape diagrams.  Drawing pictures is a natural way for some, so that is an additional strategy.  Notes can be found in the math spiral notebook on pages 4-5, 8, and 26-27.  We will add some more notes in the upcoming week on unit rate on pages 28-29.  We are preparing for our first unit test on Tuesday/Wednesday, October 3rd, 4th.
9/15/17  We have been working on solving ratio problems for the past two weeks.   When given 3 facts, we have solved for the fourth and final fact.  We have used ratio tables to support our learning.  Student work can be seen in their spiral notebooks on pages 14-15 and these pages are titled ACTIVE PRACTICE: RATIOS.  There are a total of 13 problems that students worked on in class.  By next Tuesday, September 19th, students should have at least 6 of these problems completed in their spiral notebook.
8/24/17  Welcome to sixth grade math with me, Ms. Fairfield!   As many of you are feeling excited and probably nervous too, know that I will do my best to make it a great  2017-2018 school year!  I am looking forward to meeting all of my new sixth grade students on Wednesday, August 30, 2017.  The first two days of school students will participate in Panther Prep, and will be taking workshops throughout the days on  Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday students will  visit periods 1-6 and see all of their teachers.  On Thursday the schedule will be periods 1, 3, and 5 and on Friday the schedule will be periods 2, 4, and 6.  Have a great weekend and I look forward to meeting you all next week.  :-) 

Recommended Materials:

A spiral notebook with at least 120 pages and pockets (to use in Math class ONLY) 

Pencils (at least 2 sharpened regular pencils. No mechanical pencils please)

a pack of colored pencils
two whiteboard markers and an old sock to use as an eraser
 a highlighter
a ruler

a red ball point pen 


glue stick  

Grades are available through the Parent Portal on Aeries.  Please contact Mrs. Paris in the main office if you still need to be set up on the Aeries Parent Portal.   As you look at your child's grades on Aeries, please note  any  red box, or a zero earned for an assignment, Please have him/her turn it in as soon as possible.          
 Ms. Fairfield
6/5/17  Please know that students are NOT to bring their backpacks on the last day of school, Friday, June 9th. Thank you for your cooperation. 
6/2/17  All students who took the Advanced Placement Math Test will be given their results on either Monday or Tuesday of next week, June 5th or 6th.  Please look for a 1/2 white sheet of paper with their personal results noted.  If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.  Thank you.  
The schedule for next week is a bit different than normal.  Please be prepared for periods 2,4, and 6 on Monday, June 5th and for all periods on the last day of school, Friday, June 9th with a dismissal around 12:00.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are our regular scheduled times and classes.
Reminder Alert!  The Advanced Placement Math test is June 1st from 2:30-3:30 in room 125.
5/31/17  Students are turning in their last assignment this week which will be included in their overall grade.  The graph created came from a survey question that students asked over the past week.  Some of the work I've seen so far is absolutely wonderful!  
5/22/17 We started Unit 9:  Data and Statistics today.  Students took notes on spiral pages 294-295 and have a double sided homework sheet glued in on spiral page 297.  This sheet covers the homework for this week.  Side one is due Tuesday/Wednesday and side two is due Thursday/Friday.
5/9/17  Defenses for Unit 8:  Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities will be held after school on Friday, May 19th from 2:30-3:15 and during PAWS on Tuesday, May 23rd and Thursday, May 25th. Specific students were targeted for PAWS this week and next week with the hope that they choose to defend.   
5/5/17  This week students took the Unit 8 Test which were graded, and   passed back  with the exception of period 4, who will get them returned on Monday.  The defenses for this unit will be the weeks of May 15th-26th. I will post the exact days and times next week.  
Next week starting on Tuesday, May 9th and the following week,  students are taking the CAASPP which stands for:  California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. Please be sure to get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast.  Also, everyone needs to bring a book to read if/when they finish the test early. This is the only activity permitted upon finishing the test while others are still working.  
4/28/17  Students graded their Active Practice pages 270-273 and took home their graded Goal Problems #s 2 and 3 this week. Students should spend a good 30 minutes studying over the weekend for their math test on Tuesday/Wednesday. 
4/25/17  This is a reminder to all who are planning on taking the Accelerated Math 7 Placement Test on June 1st.  Please make sure that your calendar is clear on that day, June 1, 2017 after school for an hour and a half.  It is my understanding that there will not be any excused absences for those  qualified and wishing to take it.
4/21/17  We are getting close to the Unit 8 test scheduled for May 2nd/3rd.  Students have several pages of notes in their spirals as well as active practice pages.  The unit starts on spiral page 248 and continues to page 283 for now.  There will be a few more notes and pages to glue in by the end of next week.  Please review the Learning Targets on page 249 to get the gist of this unit, and look through all of the notes and homework sheets in preparation for the test.
4/14/17  Students took notes in their spiral notebooks this week on Equations, Expressions, and Inequalities.  By the end of Monday, 4/17/17 the notes should be completed from page 252-253, and 259-262.  The first Goal Problem for this unit is scheduled for Monday, April 17th and the test is scheduled for Tuesday/Wednesday, April 25th/26th.  If we need an extra day of study, we will take the test on Thursday/Friday.  I'll keep you posted.  
4/10/17  Welcome Back from Spring Break!  We are starting our eighth unit, Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities.  The unit starts on spiral page 248 and one will see the learning targets on spiral page 249.
3/17/17  Students took and graded Unit 7 Goal Problem #1 and placed it into the pocket of their spiral notebook.  This should be used as a study guide to assist in preparation for the test at the end of next week.  The unit starts on spiral page 228 and finishes on page 247.
3/7/17  Students will finish Unit 6 this week and test on it Thursday/Friday.  The next unit, Coordinate Graphing,  will begin after the test and continue until Spring Break.  I have scheduled the test for the Thursday/Friday right before Spring Break.
Students who are interested in Accelerated Math 7 next year have certain requirements to meet such as having earned an A at first semester and at  third quarter.  Another requirement is to pass a placement test offered Thursday, June 1st after school.  Students may request the opportunity to take the placement test which helps determine readiness for placement into Accelerated Math 7.  Please note that this option will require additional study and preparation by the student as many of the standards required for Accelerated Math 7 class are not taught in Math 6.  I have attached a packet that one may use to help support the learning of concepts that will be tested. Please find it at the bottom of this page.  If anyone needs me to print it for them,  please send me an e-mail.  Thank you.
2/24/17  Students received their graded Unit 5 tests back this week and should keep them in the pocket of their spiral notebook.  We didn't have a chance to review the test after the students received them, so we will do that next week.  We have been practice testing on the computers all week for the CAASPP,  and will officially start our Integers unit on Monday, February 27th.
The defenses for Unit 5:  Fractions will be held on the following days: Thursday, March 2nd, and Thursday, March 9th during PAWS,  Friday, March 3rd, Monday, March 6th, and Friday, March 10th after school.
2/13/17  Students took Goal Problem #2, graded it, and placed into their spiral notebook to use as a study guide.  Students also had time to complete spiral page 183 and the Round Robin on spiral pages 188-189.
2/10/17  This week students took a Goal Problem, graded it, and is kept in their spirals to use as a study guide.  Students also did an Active Practice on multiplying fractions on spiral pages 188-189.  There are a total of 18 problems and the expectation was to get through at least 10.  We also took notes on dividing fractions in the spiral on pages 190-191.
For any student that was absent on Thursday, Friday, February 9th/10th, there is an on-line quiz that needs to be completed by Monday, February 13th.  The quiz can be found towards the bottom of this page and is titled:  Snail Pace Problem Solving.  Please be thorough in your answers on-line and also write your answers on paper to turn into me on Monday.  Do not worry when the computer tells you that you earned a zero/8.  The computer does not know how to grade, so we will grade your answers in class on Monday.
1/31/17  One will notice that the homework due this Thursday/Friday has been moved to Monday, Febraury 6th.  This is due to my first period being absent from math class this Thursday since we will be at the beach.  I want to keep all of my periods on the same schedule, so everyone's homework due date has been changed.  I know that some of you are thrilled with this news!
1/24/17  Students are taking home their graded Unit 4 Geometry Tests this week. (Period 4 will take them home on Monday, January 30th.) The grades are posted on-line for you to view.  This unit seemed tough for many students, yet some earned perfect scores.  :-)  Below I will list some ideas that I think really help students actually learn the math  material.  Please take from my list of ideas whatever works for you and your child.
My recommendations for students are: 1) subscribe to the website and read it with a family member,  2) have all math supplies and keep an organized spiral notebook, 3)  do the homework assigned, 4)  after grading the homework, redo any problems that were originally incorrect, 5) go to a recommended math website for extra practice (see links),  6)  ask and answer questions in class, 7)  choose helpful/cooperative partners during active practice, 8)  show your parents or anyone at home your work in your spiral, and 9)  revisit/revise your unit goal.   These are just some of the ideas that I have, but I think are the most helpful.
1/12/17  Students wrapped up the Geometry Unit this week and worked on volume and surface area.  Some of their work will be on spiral pages 154-155.  In preparation for the test next week, students should know the following:  1)  How to find area and label units correctly  of parallelograms, triangles, and composite shapes.  2) How to find volume and label units correctly of rectangular and triangular prisms.  3)  How to find and label units correctly of surface area by using nets. 
We are wrapping up CC4: Geometry this week in preparation for the unit test January 19/20th.   With the exception of period 1, we took notes in our spirals on page 148 for surface area today.  Period 1 had a fire drill, so didn't get a chance to take the notes, but will do so tomorrow, Tuesday, January 10th.  For this unit, students have class work that we call Active Practice in their spiral notebooks.  These are:  a Round Robin on pages 152-153 and Leveled Cards on pages 136-137.  We will have two more Active Practices this week to help prepare for the unit test.  The beginning of the notes for CC4 are  found on spiral pages 128-129.
All students went home with their last Goal Problem for the current unit of study, CC3:  Decimal Fluency and Measures of Center.  This unit started on spiral page 92 and ended on page 123.  Students should use their math notebooks and their Goal Problems as tools to study for the test on Monday, December 5th.
An Ocean Safety Field Trip is coming up after Semester one ends.  Students with no U's and no more than one N in citizenship and work habits on their first semester report card   will qualify to attend.  Please pay close attention to these markings on the most recent progress report.  If a change is needed, please do your best so that you do not miss out on the field trip because it is a lot of fun!
Students took more notes this week on Division of Decimals on spiral pages 102-103.  Notes on Multiplying with Decimals will be on spiral pages 112-113 and will be completed by Friday, November 18th.  
Defenses for CC2 are scheduled for Tuesday, November 15th and Thursday, November 17th.  On both days students can defend during lunch and during PAWS.  If one chooses to defend, please be sure that you are PAWS stamped for both days just in case you need more than 30 minutes. 
On Monday, 11/7 and Tuesday, 11/8 students took notes on division in their spiral notebooks on pages 94-95.  We are focusing on division with decimals.  Any student that needs extra practice is encouraged to create and solve some problems at home.  If a quotient continues past the hundredths place, please round to the nearest hundredths.
This week students took the CC2 assessment and took it home graded. The assessment should stay in their math spiral notebook in the pocket.  I do not need it to be signed and returned, but it should be used as a study guide for retention of the subject.
As of Friday, October 28th, students should have completed all 19 Round Robin cards in their spiral notebooks on pages 80-81.  Some students have started Leveled Cards on pages 86-87, but these are not required.
As of Monday, October 24th students should have completed at least 10 Round Robin problems.  Please check for the work in their spiral notebook on pages 80-81.
By mid week, October 19th, all students should have completed at least 8 Gallery Walk problems in their spirals on pages 56-59.  If you notice that your child does not have at least 8 problems completed and work shown, please address this as a concern that needs to change.  Active Practice is important so that students are practicing the skills needed for tests.
Defenses for CC 1 are scheduled for Monday, October 24th during lunch and after school, Tuesday, October 25th  during lunch and during PAWS. The students who are interested in 'defending' should have a PAWS stamp in their Time Tracker for Tuesday, October 25th.  If a student completes the defense on Monday, October 24th and does not need to come to PAWS on the the 25th, I will sign the PAWS required stamp with my signature.  Please let me know if you have any questions as I know this is the first time my students are given this 'defense' opportunity.
By the end of the day on Wednesday, October 12th, students should have completed at least two Gallery Walk problems for CC2: Percents.  The work for these problems is found on spiral pages 56-59.
We started a new unit this week, CC 2:  Percents.  By Friday, October 7th, students should have notes on page 50 about this unit in their spiral notebooks.  The learning targets are on a blue sheet which is on spiral page 49.  
Students should have completed the Unit 1 test by Friday, September 30th and the scores for these tests will be posted by Wednesday, October 5th.  Please remember that students are permitted to 'defend' by taking another test about the same topics if s/he is dissatisfied with their current score.  If a student decides to 'defend,' that new test score replaces the old test score regardless of it being better or worse.  This means that if one chooses to 'defend' s/he must be serious to study outside of school.  I will discuss more about 'defending' with students next week when they get their tests returned.
By Wednesday, September 21st, all of my students should have completed at least 10 Gallery Walk problems which can be found on pages 22-23 in the math spiral notebook.   There are a total of 13 problems and the expectations was to get through at least 10.  We will grade these in class on Thursday/Friday this week.
Please look for Goal Problems and other quick assessments to be found in the pocket of the math spiral notebook.  These are great things to review and study from for the up coming test next week on Thursday/Friday, September 29, 30th.
I have noticed that several students need practice with basic math multiplication and division facts.  I have a few sets of cards that can be checked out to go home one week at a time if anyone would like.  Please e-mail me if you are interested. 
We are coming to a point where all students need to know/practice division to solve unit rates.  Here is an example:  $4.80 divided by 12.  Students need to know how to set the problem up correctly,  divide with a decimal dividend, and get a quotient with a decimal.  We will be practicing this in class later this week, but please check in with your child to see if s/he needs more practice over the weekend.
Today in class period 1 had an evacuation drill, so we did not get to take the Goal Problem.  These students took the Goal Problem home to complete as additonal homework and we will grade them in class on Monday, September 19th.  As far as period 3 goes, we took the Goal Problem, but I  collected them because I want to keep my students on the same schedule as period 1.  We also will grade the Goal Problems on Monday, September 19th and then they will go home.
By Friday, September 16th all of my students should have completed four Gallery Walk questions on spiral pages 22-23.
Students have completed  activities in class that you as parents can refer to in your student's spiral notebook on pages 14-15.  The title of those pages is "Leveled Cards."  Students should have drawn ratio tables to solve ratio problems.  Please take a look and see if your child can explain what s/he did.  I offered help to anyone that needed it and asked, so there is no excuse in finding a blank page or only one or two problems completed, unless s/he was absence.  Since this is the start of the school year, I want students to know that I take the Active Practice learning time  in class seriously,  and will continue to write the parents on the website so that you are informed.
We spent We finished our first week and what a success it was!  Students wrote an academic goal on page 4 in their spiral notebook and were asked to have a parent read and sign it.  We started our first unit which is called Concept Category 1: Ratios, Rates,and Conversions.  Students took notes on page 6 and should review these notes for Monday, August 29th.  
Today in math class we discussed some suggested materials for math class and we will continue the discussion this week.  One can expect a syllabus to come home on Thursday/Friday which details all of the materials necessary. 
We also assigned our first homework.  Being that we start year off with Ratios, Rates, and Conversions, we participate in a College Football Statistics Unit.  If students have a preference as to the Pac 12 football team s/he wants, then I need a written statement as to which team and why.  If a student has no preference, then s/he writes;  " I have no preference."  That's it!  It's that easy to start. 
Welcome to the new school year 2016-2017!  I am very excited to meet all of my new sixth grade students on Wednesday, August 24, 2016.  The first two days of school students will participate in Panther Prep and will be taking workshops throughout the days on  Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday students will  visit periods 1-6 and see all of their teachers.  On Thursday the schedule will be periods 1, 3, and 5 and on Friday the schedule will be periods 2, 4, and 6.  Have a great weekend and I look forward to meeting you all next week.  :-) 

Recommended Materials:

A spiral notebook with at least 120 pages and pockets (to use in Math class ONLY)

Pencils (at least 2 sharpened regular pencils. No mechanical pencils please)

a pack of colored pencils
two whiteboard markers
a highlighter
a ruler

a red ball point pen (I provided)

scissors (I provided)

glue stick (I provided) 

Grades are available through the Parent Portal on Aeries.  Please contact Mrs. Paris in the main office if you still need to be set up on the Aeries Parent Portal.   As you look at your child's grades on Aeries, please note  any  red box, or a zero earned for an assignment, Please have him/her turn it in as soon as possible.          
 Ms. Fairfield


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We are going to have some fun at the beach soon!  Students attending the Beach Safety Fieldtrip on Thursday, February 2nd need to come to school wearing their bathing suits underneath their clothes. Be sure to either already have sunscreen on and/or bring sunscreen with you.  Remember to bring a lunch and beach towel/s.  The birds will eat your lunch if you do not have all food and drink covered, so I suggest a lunchpail/lunch box and not a paper bag lunch.   If you have any questions, please ask in class or e-mail me.  Thank you.  :-)