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Grime, Dan » Sixth Grade Language Arts

Sixth Grade Language Arts



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Email Format Instructions

1.  In a few words, describe what you are emailing about in the subject box.      
     Subject: Parts of Speech Homework Question
2.  Start your email with a greeting/salutation followed by a comma.                       
     Hello Mr. Rye,                      
3.  Skip a line. Using polite language, begin the email with an introduction of who you are and which period you are in class      
      I am David Gomez from your period 6 class.                                        
4.  Skip a line.  Give a brief statement of the issue, being very specific.  
     I have a question about the Parts of Speech homework.
5.  Skip a line. State your question or concern and be as specific as possible.
     Are we supposed to complete Excersize A and write a paragraph or do we only have to complete Exercise A? 


6.  Skip a line.  Write a closing word or phrase, then skip a line and write your



     David Gomez