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It has never been more important than for students' to succeed in school in general and Science in particular. Our goal in 8th grade science is to encourage as many students to be interested, motivated and successful.

I believe that academic learning should be blended with project-based success and that fostering cooperation and critical thinking helps students to be their best.

For this semester we start with the Science Fair project where students 'plan and conduct a scientific investigation' {standard 9a} that involves them posing a question, making a hypothesis. conducting a test, recording their results and drawing a conclusion based on their evidence. Students present their Science Fair project to the class; students are encouraged to ask questions about the test.

Next we have the spaghetti bridge project due the class day before Spring Break. Students use engineering principals that turn a vertical load into a horizontal load through triangular support structures. The bridge consists of 2 pounds of regular spaghetti, white glue and should be any design but 17 inches in length.

Our Bottle Rocket project happens May 22 and May 23

Let's work together to ensure student success this year! DG


First Unit Test

So for Tuesday, Periods 1, 3, and 5 Wednesday periods 2, 4, and 6 we are having our 1st Summative Unit test. Learners are creating their own in-class study guide on page 18L of the 3 subject notebook.  It will be comprised of 5 sections distinguishing between plant, animal and nonliving pictures based on what we have learned about cells and CER.

FYI, for the most-part

For detailed information about this unit:
CCMS, Students, Classwork/homework, Ms Daggett 5-1, See All

Gel-Ball Part 1

We are studying an organism called a gel-ball:  Animal or Plant?  Stay Tuned-
Our Table of contents should be up to date:  it is on page 2 of students' 3-subject notebook
1- Syllabus
2- Table of contents
3- Interactive Notebook
4- Phenomena
5- Boy and Pond
6-Girl and Bike
7-Experiment 1:R-CER
8-Gel Ball 1-6
9-What I Notice/What I wonder

Welcome to 6th Grade Science!

Who is bigger, Mr. Bigger or Junior Bigger?
Mr. Bigger is bigger because Junior Bigger is just a little Bigger...We are honored to have your students-Lets have a dynamic and productive Science experience together this school year.  

Unit 1 Test

Unit 1 Test 
On Tuesday/Wednesday the students will have a test over the Gel Ball/Cells Unit.
They will have to identify animal/plant cells and create a claim with evidence and reasoning. 
Play the kahoot below for practice identifying the images

Greetings !

What a wonderful year so-far...To begin with, we are a general-science class. Our focus is on the Next Generation Science standards which begin with cells in 6th grade.  We try to balance labs, in=class assignments and tests/quizzes evenly. Parents can check on student progress through the Aries parent-portal online.  If you have trouble accessing this, contact your student's councilor,and they will talk you through the process.  Let's work together for a fantastic science experience this year. Don Guthrie:  [email protected]

This week we wil focus on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

3 Subject notebook pages 50-53 and assorted periferials

Semester 2

Hello everyone!  Now we are in semester 2.  It is important to check grades on Aries; and if there is an assignment missing, or if a grade is too low, that is the perfect time to report to PAWS for a grade tune-up.  We are in Unit 4 weather, which is covered in our text on page 267 and forwards.
Lets strive for a high degree of success in semester 2,  Thanks  D Guthrie