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First Unit Test

So for Tuesday, Periods 1, 3, and 5 Wednesday periods 2, 4, and 6 we are having our 1st Summative Unit test. Learners are creating their own in-class study guide on page 18L of the 3 subject notebook.  It will be comprised of 5 sections distinguishing between plant, animal and nonliving pictures based on what we have learned about cells and CER.

FYI, for the most-part

For detailed information about this unit:
CCMS, Students, Classwork/homework, Ms Daggett 5-1, See All

Gel-Ball Part 1

We are studying an organism called a gel-ball:  Animal or Plant?  Stay Tuned-
Our Table of contents should be up to date:  it is on page 2 of students' 3-subject notebook
1- Syllabus
2- Table of contents
3- Interactive Notebook
4- Phenomena
5- Boy and Pond
6-Girl and Bike
7-Experiment 1:R-CER
8-Gel Ball 1-6
9-What I Notice/What I wonder

Welcome to 6th Grade Science!

Who is bigger, Mr. Bigger or Junior Bigger?
Mr. Bigger is bigger because Junior Bigger is just a little Bigger...We are honored to have your students-Lets have a dynamic and productive Science experience together this school year.  

Unit 1 Test

Unit 1 Test 
On Tuesday/Wednesday the students will have a test over the Gel Ball/Cells Unit.
They will have to identify animal/plant cells and create a claim with evidence and reasoning. 
Play the kahoot below for practice identifying the images

Greetings !

What a wonderful year so-far...To begin with, we are a general-science class. Our focus is on the Next Generation Science standards which begin with cells in 6th grade.  We try to balance labs, in=class assignments and tests/quizzes evenly. Parents can check on student progress through the Aries parent-portal online.  If you have trouble accessing this, contact your student's councilor,and they will talk you through the process.  Let's work together for a fantastic science experience this year. Don Guthrie:

This week we wil focus on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

3 Subject notebook pages 50-53 and assorted periferials

Semester 2

Hello everyone!  Now we are in semester 2.  It is important to check grades on Aries; and if there is an assignment missing, or if a grade is too low, that is the perfect time to report to PAWS for a grade tune-up.  We are in Unit 4 weather, which is covered in our text on page 267 and forwards.
Lets strive for a high degree of success in semester 2,  Thanks  D Guthrie