Culver City Middle School

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Friday, December 8th:  Due to the local fires and smoke in the air all PE activities have been curtailed or cancelled today and students will be indoors.  All After School Sports activities are cancelled today.
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Culver City Middle School
We are the only Middle School in Culver City with a current student population of 1530 in grades 6, 7, and 8. 
The mission of Culver City Middle School, a culturally diverse and environmentally active learning community, is to ensure that all students are provided a challenging educational program that will foster integrity, respect, and a passion for success in our ever-changing global environment by bringing the resources available in our unique city together to achieve this goal.
                             •  All students can learn.
                             •  Family and community partnerships are integral to student’s learning.
                             •  School should meet the needs of every student to promote active learning.
                             •  Students and staff will learn from each other and respect one another’s contributions and diversity.
                             •  The school’s facilities must be safe, aesthetically pleasing, and conducive to learning.
                             •  Character and academic expectations should be clearly defined.
                             •  Environment encourages open communication and dialogue among staff, students, and families.