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Hello!   Please visit this site frequently to see important posts and to access information about homework assignments.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at
Donna Bergonzi
Math Teacher
CCMS Room 121


Recent Posts

Final Defense Opportunity for the School Year

Students will not have math homework assigned during state testing (May 9-19). This is the perfect time to prepare for the final math Defense of the school year!

Final Defense Date: Tues/Wed, May 30 or 31 (Defenses will be taken during math class time.)

Preparing for the Defense:

□ Attend at least one Thursday PAWs session in the next few weeks (MANDATORY) to pick up a Defense form and make a plan for practicing.

□ Go over your original test and identify mistakes that were made.  Ask for help on problems that you are still unsure about.

□ Practice the types of problems that you missed on the original test.  Do this by:

- re-doing old homework handouts that you can print from this website.

- Asking Mrs. B. to print you another copy of the original test so you can try it again.

- doing a lot of online practice like the problems on the Khan Academy site below. Choose the section(s) that relate to the concepts you are studying.

NOTE: Students may choose which concept category to defend based on their test scores from this semester (CC5 through CC9). Students may only take one Defense on Tues/Wed, May 30 or 31 and this will be the only day that CC9 will be offered.

If a student wants to take a second Defense (other than CC9) before the end of the school year, then they should reach out to me and request another date for the second Defense. This second Defense will likely be scheduled to be taken after school during the week of May 22-25.


CC7 & CC8 Defenses will be on Monday, April 24

Practice! Practice! Practice!
Preparing for the Defense Checklist:

Go over the original test and identify mistakes that were made.  Ask for help on problems that you are still unsure about.

Practice the types of problems that you missed on the original test.  Do this by:

- re-doing old homework handouts that you can print from this website.

- doing a lot of online practice like the problems on the Khan Academy site below. Choose the section(s) that relate to the concepts you are studying.

CC8 Unit Assessment is coming this week!

Test Dates:
Period 1 - Thursday, March 23
Periods 2 & 6 - Friday, March 24

If you are planning on leaving early for Spring Break and you will miss the test date, you should take the test BEFORE the break starts. This may mean taking it during PAWs time, lunch time or before/after school earlier in the week. Please talk to Mrs. Bergonzi and make a plan.

Here are some extra practice resources to prepare:

Writing Expressions from Word Problems

Evaluating Expressions Quia Game Click "PLAY THIS GAME"!

Evaluating Expressions

Equivalent Expressions with Negatives and Distribution

Basic Distributive Property Practice

Combining Like Terms Quia Game Click "PLAY THIS GAME"!

CC5 and CC6 Defense Practice

CC5 Extra Practice

Multiplying Decimals:

Dividing Decimals:

Word Problems:


CC6  Extra Practice

Dividing Mixed Numbers:

Working with Challenging Fractions:

Word Problems:



CC5 and CC6 Defenses are coming!

Defenses will be offered on the following dates.  These will count toward 3rd quarter grades.
  • After school Monday, Feb 27  with mandatory PAWs practice on Thurs, Feb 23.
  • After school Tuesday, March 7 with mandatory PAWs practice on Thurs, March 2. (This is meant for students going on the GATE field trip next week and cannot attend PAWs on Feb 23).

To qualify for the Defense, you must

□  Fill out the Defense form completely and turn it in to Mrs. B. during PAWs on Thursday, Feb 27 or Thursday, March 2.  Forms can be found in Mrs. Bergonzi's classroom, or attached here. Get your parent signature on the form, and adjust the dates if you will be on the GATE field trip next week.

□  For each incorrect problem you made on your test, mark the type of error in red pen directly on the testYou will need to turn in your original test on the day of the Defense.

□  PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  Go over the original test thoroughly and ask questions about the problems that you still find to be difficult.  If needed, make an appointment to meet with Mrs. B. for additional support.

Feb 13th Beach Field Trip (Period 1 students only)

The beach field trip is almost here!

A few reminders:

- Students must turn in the new parent signature slip to verify that permission has been given for them to go on the new date.

- Students will meet Mrs. Bergonzi in Room 121 on Monday morning at our usual time (8:20am).

- Students should wear their bathing suits under their clothes, and dress in layers, as it may be cold in the morning.

- Unless you have already ordered a CCMS lunch, bring a bag lunch and water.

- Sunscreen, hat, beach towel and a bag to carry your stuff.

Looking forward to a FUN day!!



For students who need extra support in the Accelerated Math 6 class, the following options are available every week:

PAWs on Thursdays: This is typically used as practice time on our current concepts.  Students work on Active Practice that we started in class, but they feel they want more time on it.  I am here as support to students, and this is student-centered. Kids need to come to PAWs ready to work.

For the next few weeks during PAWs, students will be practicing Decimals concepts to prepare for the CC5 Defense.  They will be given choices of practice, and students will choose what to work on depending on the results of their original test. 

After School on Mondays: Typically Monday after school is a time for students to bring work to me that they are having trouble with and we can talk through it (so it caters a little more to students' needs at the current moment). This requires students to come to my class with an intention ("I was having trouble with this type of problem on homework."  OR "I got this problem wrong on the Goal Problems."). Focusing on the errors that students have made is a key approach to helping them build their understanding, so students should come to Monday after school help with samples of their work.

The CC5 (Decimals) Defense is coming!

The CC5 Defense will be offered after school on Mon, Jan 30 OR Thurs, Feb 2. To qualify to take the Defense, you must attend at least one of the following PAWs practice sessions:
  • Thursday, Jan 19
  • Thursday, Jan 26
  • Thursday, Feb 2

CC5 Unit Assessment - Mixed Review Practice Quiz

The CC5 Unit Assessment is coming soon!
It will be on: 
Tuesday, January 10 (for period 1)  
Wednesday, January 11 (for periods 2 and 6).
Here is some extra practice to help you get ready.  Click the link below to practice the learning targets for this unit. (Note: Sign-in to your CCUSD email account before taking the practice quiz.)
CC5 Mixed Review Practice Quiz
When you finish, be sure to click "view your score." Read the feedback about each problem to see how well you answered each question. For each problem you miss, make note of the Learning Target and PRACTICE those specific skills and concepts.
If you need additional help, come to Room 121 after school on Monday, Jan 9.

Happy New Year 2017!!

Welcome back from Winter Break.  I hope you all had an enjoyable vacation and are eager to start 2017!!  
As we start the new semester, I would like to remind students of strategies for success in math class:
- Come to class prepared ... Be ready with your homework, red correcting pen, math notebook, learning target log, and any other supplies that will support the work that we do in class.
- Be an active participant in class ... As with most things, the more you put into class (by asking questions, stating observations, encouraging others, etc.), the more you will get out of it.
- Be proactive in your learning ... If you realize that you need additional help with the math concepts that we are learning, ask for a stamp to attend PAWs sessions on Thursdays, come to after school help on Mondays, or pursue help at home.
- Take Defenses ... if you are not happy with your original test score on a particular concept category, do something about it! Students will have an opportunity to retest on any of the concept categories previously assessed by completing a Defense. Pay attention to the announcements about Defense times and procedures. 
REMINDER: Our class moves at an accelerated pace and covers 1.5 years of math (all of the Grade 6 standards and half of the Grade 7 standards) in one school year.  Students must maintain an average of at least 80% in the class for each semester to qualify to be placed into the Accelerated Math 7 class next year.