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PERIOD 3: 𝕀𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕠 𝕥𝕠 𝔸𝕣𝕥 (ℚ𝟙)-Mrs. McLynn Assignments

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Past Assignments


Victorian House Contour Line Drawing in Google Classroom

Victorian House Contour Line Drawing

Grading criteria:

1. Use a black sharpie, marker, pen, color pencil to draw a victorian house using the contour drawing method (do not pick up hand!)
2. Draw 3-5 scary elements to add details to your victorian house (bats, webs, moon, tree, etc.). You may lift up hand to draw these.
3. Use your black drawing tool to "black out" some areas like of your house (roof, windows, doors) or make some lines a little more bold.
4. Add a hit of a very light watercolor wash to your drawing.


Thank You Card to CCEF (Culver City Education Foundation) in Google Classroom

Thank You Card to CCEF (Culver City Education Foundation)

1. Create a Thank You Card for the art kit
2. Must include a short message to CCEF:
a. Thanking for the supplies
b. How did the supplies help you in art class
3. Image(s)
4. Color
5. Your name

This assignment may be created by hand or digitally. Even if you never picked up the art kit, a simple Thank You gesture would be appreciated!!!!


Zentangle Project in Google Classroom

Zentangle Project

Project criteria:
1. Must depict a drawing of something (example: llama, tea kettle, butterfly, car, etc.)
2. Zentangle design must make up 50% of the paper
3. At least 5 or more zentagles must be used. Zentangle may be repeated
4. Project looks better using a black pen (ultra fine tip sharpie) but use whatever you may have is fine
5. Please look at the student examples slides. The first slide are the various options for your project. You may choose one or come up with your own.
6. There are 2 videos down below to view that might help to get started

**Please do not copy any of the examples that are shown. Try to be original and come up with your own ideas 😃


Positive and Negative Space Split Project in Google Classroom

Positive and Negative Space Split Project

Project Criteria:
1. Must choose a subject (object) that has a complicated contour (no basic circles, squares, rectangles like basket ball, cell phone, etc.)
2. Paper needs to have a line drawn down the center
3. One side will be filled in with black (or any other dark color you have)
4. Other side left white of paper
5. See coloring options in student examples (slide #1)
6. Craftsmanship (neatness)


Edpuzzle Assignment: Positive and Negative Space in Google Classroom

Edpuzzle Assignment: Positive and Negative Space

Click the link below to watch and answer questions along the way.


Ancient Mythological Creature Project in Google Classroom

Ancient Mythological Creature Project

Project Criteria:
1. Drawing must depict an ancient mythological creature (choose a creature from an ancient culture like: Ancient Greek, Ancient Egypt, etc.)
2. Draw a landscape in which the creature lives (ocean, mountain, etc.)
3. You may use any art materials you like to color in or add some shading to.
4. Drawing needs to be completed on 8.5x11" paper
*Look at the student examples for reference
*Look at the "Examples of Ancient Mythological Creatures to Draw" if you don't know what to draw, but you may certainly find your own!
*Please turn in assignment once completed


Still Life Collage in Google Classroom

Still Life Collage

You will be creating a still life collage:
1. Draw 5 objects separately on a sheet of paper, vary the sizes. Objects can be fruits, vases, bowls, mugs, etc.
2. In the example that is attached, students used oil pastels. You may use whatever art materials you have. Preferably something with color, but if pencil is what you have, that is absolutely fine!
3. Once all 5 objects are colored and shaded using "light logic," then cut them out.
4. If you have glue: you will place the objects on a separate sheet of paper, showing 3 examples of overlap, glue everything down, take a pic, turn it in.
5. If you DO NOT have glue: just place the objects on a separate sheet of paper, showing 3 examples of overlap, take a pic, turn it in.


Still Life Shapes Drawing in Google Classroom

Still Life Shapes Drawing

1. Use a pencil to draw on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper
Project Criteria:
1. Drawing must have 5 or more forms (cube, sphere, cone, cylinder, pyramid, rectangular prism, obelisk, octagon, pentagon, etc.)
2. Forms must vary in size
3. Must show at least 3 examples of overlap (objects in front or behind other objects)
4. All forms must be shaded using a pencil, according to light logic (see example)
5. Must place a horizon line (see example)


8 Line Drawings in Google Classroom

8 Line Drawings

1. Fold one sheet of printing paper into 4 boxes
2. On one side, label box 1 "Animal #1," box 2 "Animal #2," box 3 "Cartoon #1," box 4 "Cartoon #2"
3. Flip to the back and label box 5 "Flower," box 6 "Human Figure," box 7 "Car," box 8 "Freebie"
4. In each box you will do a simple line drawing. Please look at references when drawing, for example: when drawing "Animal #1" you may look up a step-by step image of any realistic animal or watch a drawing tutorial on Youtube.
5. Drawing should be large to fit into the box. Paper may be rotated either portrait or landscape layout to fit the size and shape of the image.
6. Cartoon animals ARE NOT considered Animals
7. For "Freebie" you may draw anything you like or repeat a category, but nothing too simplistic
like stick figures, hearts, emojis, etc.
8. Drawings do not have to be colored or shaded
9. NO TRACING WHATSOEVER!!! I can tell if a drawing is traced!