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Theatre Arts

Welcome to the CCMS Theatre Community!

Theatre Arts at CCMS


CCMS Theatre Program Spring 2024 Production: 

“FAME Jr” General information Cast and Crew


Laura Loo & Heather Moses

[email protected] 


Allegra Williams-Stirrat

[email protected] 

Student Leadership Information 

  1. Sign up for an interview time for Tuesday, January 16

Student Leadership Interview Sign Up

  1. Complete the following before you come to your interview

Student Leadership Form

Audition Information 

  1. Sign up for an audition time for Thursday, January 18.  

Audition Sign Up Link 

  1. Complete the following before you come to your audition.

Audition Form - PARENTS/GUARDIANS & STUDENTS: please communicate with each other at home so you are clear on what your conflicts are before you fill out the Audition Form. Careful planning goes into the rehearsal schedule. Ms. Allegra must have knowledge of your conflicts before casting is complete.

Student Contract 

  1. Send the following form to your parent/guardian to complete prior to your audition.  Parent/Guardian Contract 

Audition Process 

OPEN AUDITIONS  (Thursday, January 18) Room 1: 2:30pm-6:00pm 

  • Prepare 30-45 seconds of a song of your choosing (you will sing this acapella) 
  • Complete your audition form, student contract and have your parent/guardian complete their contract prior to your audition. 
  • Please show up 15 minutes before your audition time.

DANCE AUDITIONS (Monday, January 22) FROST: 2:45pm-5:00pm

  • Wear clothing you can move in (including shoes)

CALLBACKS (INVITE ONLY - Monday, January 29) Room 1: 2:45pm

  • You should only attend if you receive an email asking you to attend the callback. The email will also provide the sides you will use for your callback. You will receive a printed version of the sides at the callback. 


Cast rehearsals Mondays & Thursdays (2:45-5:00pm) - "Fame Jr" Calendar

  • Rehearsals are MANDATORY and missing a rehearsal must be approved ahead of time, except for the case of emergency or quarantine due to COVID protocols, where we will be notified immediately. 
  • Missing 3 rehearsals can lead to losing your role. 
  • You must maintain a good standing both academically and behaviorally. This means maintaining a 2.0 GPA and no more than one U or two N’s in work habits OR citizenship. 
  • TECH WEEK: The week leading up to the performance, rehearsals run later than usual EVERY DAY with Dress Rehearsals running until 8 pm. Please bring or arrange a meal for your break (4:30-5pm). 


  • Some roles may be double-cast, with two students cast for certain roles.  Double-cast roles will have two performances  instead of four
  • Not everyone who auditions is cast in the show, we encourage those not cast to consider applying for crew or to audition again for the next production.


Crew Information


Once you commit, STAY committed! Crew is crucial to making the production function, and we need people who are going to be dependable. Absences must be communicated to [email protected], Laura Loo [email protected] or Heather Moses [email protected]. Absences told to student leads but not communicated to the Creative Team will NOT be accepted.

Crew Sign-up information

For this production, Crew members must have TWO TEACHER RECOMMENDATIONS. Please send this form to two teachers to be completed:

 Teacher Recommendation Form


After you have your teacher recommendations, please fill out this Google Form

Crew Sign-up Google Form

Please use this link to sign up for a crew interview time  -



Crew Meetings are Mondays (2:30-4:00pm) - "Fame Jr" Calendar

  • Not all crew members will be called to every meeting or are required to go to rehearsals, you may also be called to go to rehearsals based on the crew you are assigned. 
  • The calendar will be updated on a regular basis and it is your responsibility to check the calendar regularly. 
  • Missing a meeting/rehearsal must be approved by Laura Loo, except in a case of an emergency.
  • Missing too many meetings/rehearsals (more than 3) will affect your ability to participate in the program. 
  • For this production, there is only one crew. Everyone is on the Run Crew. Please do not ask to be on one crew or the other. If you cannot attend meetings AND Tech Week/Performances you will not be considered for the crew.
  • Tech Week and Performance dates are MANDATORY for Run Crew. Tech Week is April 22-May 2  from 2:30-8:00 pm depending on the day. The show dates are May 3-5, 2024. All Crew students must stay for Set Strike at the end of the last performance. If a student was not asked to help for the last performance, they still have to attend Set Strike at the end of the performances to help clean the space and get it ready for the next show.

Production Jobs

All crew students must research the time period and location 

(Early 1980s New York) and you must READ THE SCRIPT

Set & Props: 

  • Create prop/set list by scene
  • Make sure there are rehearsal props for the rehearsal process (does not need to be the props we use for the show)
  • Take note of supplies needed to create the set/props
  • Design or create props that can be made by hand
  • Make sure all sets and props fit within the time period and location 


  • Learn the ins and outs of applying stage makeup
  • Help plan hair and makeup for all characters for the proper time period and location
  • Teach actors how to apply stage makeup
  • Assist actors in applying makeup and doing hair


  • Plan costume pieces for each character in the production for the correct time period and location
  • Create a costume list for each character by scene
  • Implement process developed by costume head
  • Organize costumes by character
  • Mend/hem costume pieces
  • Assist with quick-changes for cast during production weekend

Sound & Projections: 

  • Notate all sound cues in the production
  • Find files of sound effects not included in the CD
  • Help students get mics during the run of the show
  • Write down and track all projection changes
  • Change projections during show run


  • Learn to dictate and create light cues 
  • Know the production well enough to manage the light cues during the production
  • Controlling the follow-spotlight during the performance
  • Lighting crew may also be needed to help mic students

Marketing/Front of House

  • House managing: organize ushers, let backstage crew know when house is open or closed
  • Promote show with posters, make digital posters/jpgs
Theatre Arts Electives
The Theatre Arts electives are a great way to participate in theatre during the day! Whether you want to learn how to get out of your comfort zone and get comfortable speaking in front of a class, or you want to challenge and refine your acting skills in preparation for auditions for AVPA at CCHS, another arts high school, or professional/community auditions, there's something for everyone! 


The Performances program is primarily run after school with rehearsals twice a week and performances on weeknights and weekends. In this program students have the opportunity to perform in a play in the Fall and a musical production in the Spring semester. Students who prefer a role off of the stage also have the chance to participate in the productions through backstage crew work such as sets, props, costumes, hair, makeup and other technical theater roles. There are also leadership opportunities for student director roles in music, acting, and dance.