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CCMS Math Department

Middle School Math Pathways

Math Pathways

Both math pathways cover the Common Core State Standards ensuring strong conceptual mathematical understanding. 


  • Grade-Level Math Pathway: offers a rigorous curriculum that meets the University of California A-G math requirements.  
  • Accelerated Math Pathway: moves at a much quicker pace in order to provide access to four years of course curriculum (Math 6, Math 7, Math 8, Algebra) in three years at the middle school. 


Historically, students who have been successful in the accelerated math pathway have outstanding numerical fluency, work habits, and strong mathematical thinking. Moving at a suitable pace is crucial to ensuring long-term success in mathematics. Your child should enter the pathway that will lead to the best long-term success and enjoyment of mathematics.



Students who are generally successful in the accelerated math pathway…

  • Grasp concepts quickly with little re-teaching necessary.
  • Demonstrate well-developed number sense.
  • Are excited about new problems and challenges in mathematics.
  • Show enthusiasm and perseverance in problem solving. 
  • Are able to apply skills and concepts to new and non-routine situations.
  • Exhibit excellent work habits and study skills.
  • Are independent and self-motivated learners.

Accelerated Math Placement Testing

5th Grade Testing for Accelerated Math 6

  • All 5th grade CCUSD students will be tested at their elementary school sites during the month of May.
  • Students will be given one hour to complete the placement test that covers Common Core 5th grade math standards.
  • All families will be notified of their student’s math placement in June:
    • If a student receives a passing score, they will automatically be placed into Accelerated Math 6
    • If a student does not receive a passing score, they will be placed into Math 6. Families may choose to opt their student into Accelerated Math 6 by completing a waiver form sent by the school counselor.



6th and 7th Grade Testing for Accelerated Math 7 or Algebra



Current 6th and 7th grade students who have earned an A in their grade level math class and demonstrated satisfactory work habits throughout the year may choose to take a placement test to show readiness for the Accelerated Math Pathway. Please note that this option will require additional study and preparation outside of school, as the prerequisite standards are not taught in the grade level math pathway. The following practice packets provide sample questions for students to use to better understand these prerequisite skills.


Readiness for Accelerated Math 7


Readiness for Algebra




Current 6th and 7th grade students may choose to move from the grade-level math pathway to the accelerated math pathway by passing a placement test given at CCMS on the following dates:


    • June 4, 2024 from 2:20 - 3:50 pm in Room 211
    • August 15, 2024 from 1:00 - 2:30 pm at CCMS
  • Note: this test is during the summer on the same day as 6th grade registration.


Students are highly encouraged to test prior to the start of school to ensure that they begin the school year with an accurate schedule. However, if a student is not able to attend the summer test date, a makeup test will be offered during the second week of school:

  • MAKEUP TEST ONLY: August 29, 2024 from 2:20 - 3:50 pm in Room 322




If you are a current 6th or 7th grade student wishing to take the placement test for Accelerated Math 7 or Algebra, please complete the Math Placement Test Sign Up Form.