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Ms. G-B's Per. 6 language arts-Period 6 Assignments

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Personal Narrative - add dialogue to your first draft idea in Google Classroom

Personal Narrative - add dialogue to your first draft idea

*Now that you have your personal narrative idea started - the real work begins - edit and improve!
*If you did not do the first draft - DO IT NOW and include dialogue
*If you did your first draft, it is still here, just click on it and add your dialogue
*Use the dialogue rule guide to help you
*You will be required to have at least four sentences of dialogue/ speaker tags - they can each be a seperate comment or they can be in a conversation
*Please highlight, bold or underline your sentences of dialogue - then turn it in again (or for the 1st time)
*Putting your dialogue in by the end of the week will get you your points for this assignment
*Also, before turning this in, READ YOUR WORK OUT LOUD to edit all mistakes


October Book Report in Google Classroom

October Book Report

Please open the Flip Grid link and follow the directions. Have fun telling me about your October book.

Past Assignments


EXTRA CREDIT - DUE ON SAT. OCT. 24th (will count for 2nd quarter) in Google Classroom

EXTRA CREDIT - DUE ON SAT. OCT. 24th (will count for 2nd quarter)

For extra credit points, please follow the directions carefully. Be sure to answer the "where", "who", "when" and "what" questions in your paragraph. If you do not edit your work, you will not get the full extra credit. It must be earned!


Writing Assignment-

Writing Assignment- "The All-American Slurp"

Please review the entire slide show to help you understand the writing assignment.
Also, very important to review the RUBRIC to help you understand the directions and how I will grade.
Finally, your paragraph(s) should be written on the Google doc.


Summary Cloze Notes - #1-3 in Google Classroom

Summary Cloze Notes - #1-3

Please follow the directions on the Google doc. If you have trouble typing in the text box, then just delete the text box and then type on the doc.


Comparison /contrast Ta-Na-E-Ka paragraph in Google Classroom

Comparison /contrast Ta-Na-E-Ka paragraph

Please open the rubric and read exactly how the paragraph will be graded, then open the Google Doc attachment and read all directions carefully. We reviewed this in our Zoom session today and you were shown a model as well. Follow the "point by point" method in the text box and the beginning model to help you organize your writing.


Ta-Na-E-Ka - Character Trait/ Evidence worksheet in Google Classroom

Ta-Na-E-Ka - Character Trait/ Evidence worksheet

Please open the Google Doc and follow the directions. This assignment will be modeled in our Mon. / Tues. 9/21 - 9/22 Zoom meetings. Please open and read the Rubric, so you know exactly what you will be graded on.


Quick Write- Tradition in Google Classroom

Quick Write- Tradition

After you have watched the "Girls Rite of Passage " video, please open the Quick write-tradition Google Doc and complete the paragraph, after reading all directions very carefully.
Be sure to read your writing OUT LOUD to edit all mistakes.


Ta-Na-E-Ka  quiz in Google Classroom

Ta-Na-E-Ka quiz

please take the Google forms quiz. You may want to read, reread or review the story prior to the quiz



Final "All Summer in a Day" writing assignment

Please open the attached Google Doc and read the directions very carefully. Be sure to reread your writing OUT LOUD and make all necessary corrections before turning the assignment in.


"All Summer in a Day" plot quiz

Please follow directions on the Google quiz. Choose only one answer for each question. You may want to reread the story before taking the quiz.


Simile and Metaphor review in Google Classroom

Simile and Metaphor review

There are two practice assignments: 1) a Google Doc with direct quotes from "All Summer in a Day"
2) an Edpuzzle video with questions


Summer Reading in Google Classroom

Summer Reading

If you did your summer reading assignment, please turn it in as a Google Doc . You may have to copy and paste it onto my Google Doc.
If you did not do your summer reading, you have a chance to do it over the next 10 days. Please see the info in the Google Doc below.


Quick Write - MARS in Google Classroom

Quick Write - MARS

Please open the google Doc attachment below and read all directions - two or three times! Your answer paragraph can be written write on the Doc and turned in by this Sat. Sept. 5th
Be sure to reread your writing OUT LOUD and make corrections before turning it in

** Reminder that you should also take the Google Form Plot structure review quiz by the end of this Fri. Sept. 4


Week of Aug. 31-Sept. 4 - Tuesday's slide show - Plot info and homework in Google Classroom

Week of Aug. 31-Sept. 4 - Tuesday's slide show - Plot info and homework

Please use this slide show as a review of what we did on Zoom. The Mars video needs to be watched before our Fri. Zoom and the Plot Structure review quiz should be done by the end of Fri. 9/4.