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P5- SLA 8 MADRID (Period 5) Assignments

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No upcoming assignments.

Past Assignments


Yabla, Conjuguemos & Bajo las Palmas Reales

Just a reminder that this weeks assignments are as follow; please take the time to complete them. 
All instructions are on Google Classroom. Due; Thursday, 10/22. Remember zoom meetings are not taking the entire class period (30-45 minutes) so students should be working on this right after zoom sessions end. 
-2 Activities on Yabla; Conjunctions 
-1 activity on Conjuguemos: Conjunctions -- 10 sentences (fill in the blank with 1 letter answers)
-Reading 6 pages of Bajo las Palmas Reales 


Back to School Night is TODAY!

In case someone did not receive my personal invitation via email (SEVERAL emails bounced back), I am attaching the information below on the PDFs attached (zoom links included). 
Here is the schedule for today: 
  • Period 0 - 6:00 pm - 6:10 pm 
  • Period 1 - 6:17 pm - 6:27 pm 
  • Period 2 - 6:34 pm - 6:44 pm 
  • Period 3 - 6:51 pm - 7:01 pm
  • Period 4 - 7:08 pm - 7:18 pm 
  • Period 5 - 7:25 pm - 7:35 pm 
Period 6 - 7:42 pm - 7:52 pm


SLA Hwk due 9/13

Hi all, 
Just a reminder to make sure students are completing their work on time. There is no late work accepted for our SLA course. This week for SLA, the following assignments are due on Sunday, 9/13 at 5pm: 
1. Carta del Octavo Grado
2. Lectura Guiada
3. Edpuzzle sobre Sujeto y Predicados
4. Conjuguemos sobre Sujeto y Predicado
If you have any questions, please reach out to me.


Syllabus, Expectations, Quizlet & Edpuzzle Due 9/6

Hi all! Welcome to SLA8. I will be posting all assignments for students on Google Classroom. Students this week should sit down with parents and read the class syllabus together along with zoom expectations. Once they have been read, student should turn in assignment as "completed" on GC. Students have also been assigned an assignment on quizlet and edpuzzle, all submitted through GC. All work will be due on Sundays at 5pm. Thank you! -Ms. Madrid