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Just a reminder that this weeks assignments are as follow; please take the time to complete them. 
All instructions are on Google Classroom. Due; Friday 10/23. Remember zoom meetings are not taking the entire class period (30-45 minutes) so students should be working on this right after zoom sessions end. 
-TCI: Enlightenment work 
-Watch CNN 10 
-Edpuzzle (5 minute video on slavery) 


Assignments due by this Friday

Hi all, 
here are the assignments due this week: 
Students will learn about our world and the most important news through CNN 10---> turn in 2 CNN Google Forms by Friday 
Students will watch the presidential debate this week (Tuesday, at 6pm) and complete notes ---> turn in by Friday 
Students will learn about the 13 colonies--->turn in introduction and section 1 of Lesson 3 by Friday 
Students will analyze a primary source on John Winthrop---> turn in primary source questions by Friday 
If you are interested in joining the Spanish Tutoring program that our HS students are starting up to support our SIP students, please sign up here (SPACE IS LIMITED! First come basis):


Back to School Night is TODAY!

In case someone did not receive my personal invitation via email (SEVERAL emails bounced back), I am attaching the information below on the PDFs attached (zoom links included). 
Here is the schedule for today: 
  • Period 0 - 6:00 pm - 6:10 pm 
  • Period 1 - 6:17 pm - 6:27 pm 
  • Period 2 - 6:34 pm - 6:44 pm 
  • Period 3 - 6:51 pm - 7:01 pm
  • Period 4 - 7:08 pm - 7:18 pm 
  • Period 5 - 7:25 pm - 7:35 pm 
Period 6 - 7:42 pm - 7:52 pm


Quiz on Key Themes in History

Hi all, 
Just a reminder that all work is due this Sunday, 9/13 at 5pm. Next week, work will be due Friday at 5pm. Please make sure students are taking the time everyday to complete assignments and are not leaving it all till last minute (Saturday night/Sunday morning). Here are the items due for social studies this week: 
1. Quizizz Practice- All students should be signed in with a parent email attached to their accounts 
2. Lesson Game on TCI 
3. Quiz on TCI 
Also, for the 8th grade social studies department, we have a policy of permitting late work with a 10% deduction per class period that it is late. I have asked the students that if they are turning in any late work that they follow the following procedures to ensure transparency and clarity amongst all parties involved. Here is what I posted on Google Classroom: 
Hi all,
As 8th graders, I am sure you are aware of the importance of turning in all your assignments in on time. If for any reason, you decide to not complete an assignment and you want to turn it in late, here is what you need to know and do:
You may turn in a late assignment (for a 10% grade deduction- per day that it is late). After you have completed your assignment, you need to compose an email to me, with one of your parents cc'd to the email and explain the following information (you may copy and paste the information below into the email):
1. Title of the assignment (exactly how it is posted on Google Classroom)
2. When was the assignment assigned?
3. How many days were you given to complete the assignment?
4. Why did you not turn in the assignment on time?
5. What strategies will you use next time to avoid turning in another late assignment and falling behind in class?
Once you have completed the assignment, I will be able to go back and re-grade your assignment if you have notified me via email. Before I re-grade the assignment, I need to have received the email from you, you have cc'd one of your parents in the email and you have responded to all the questions above. If no email has been received with the above information, I cannot re-grade your assignment. If you turn in late assignments into Google Classroom but you have not notified me and a parent with the above information, I will not re-grade the assignment. Phone notifications have been turned off for Google Classroom and it does not alert me when I sign on either, so an email is necessary.
Hola a todos,
Como estudiantes de octavo grado, estoy segura de que son conscientes de la importancia de entregar todas sus tareas a tiempo. Si por alguna razón decides no completar una tarea y quieres entregarla tarde, esto es lo que necesitas saber y hacer:
Puedes entregar una tarea tardía (con una deducción de calificación del 10% por día que llega tarde). Una vez que hayas completado tu tarea, debes redactarme un correo electrónico, con uno de tus padres en copia del correo electrónico y explicar la siguiente información (puedes copiar y pegar la información a continuación en el correo electrónico):
1. Título de la tarea (exactamente cómo se publico en Google Classroom)
2. ¿Cuándo se asignó la tarea?
3. ¿Cuántos días le dieron para completar la tarea?
4. ¿Por qué no entregó la tarea a tiempo?
5. ¿Qué estrategias usará la próxima vez para evitar entregar otra tarea tarde y quedarse atrás en clase?
Una vez que haya completado la tarea, podré volver atrás y volver a calificar su tarea si me ha notificado por correo electrónico. Antes de volver a calificar la tarea, necesito haber recibido el correo electrónico de usted, usted ha copiado a uno de sus padres en el correo electrónico y ha respondido a todas las preguntas anteriores. Si no se ha recibido ningún correo electrónico con la información anterior, no puedo volver a calificar su tarea. Si entregas tareas tardías en Google Classroom, pero no me has notificado a mí ni a tus padres con la información anterior, no volveré a calificar la tarea. Las notificaciones telefónicas se han desactivado para Google Classroom y tampoco me avisa cuando inicio sesión, por lo que es necesario un correo electrónico.
Please reach out if you have any questions. Thank you! 


Syllabus, Expectations & TCI Reading/Notebook Assignment Due 9/6

Hi all! Welcome to SS8. I will be posting all assignments for student on Google Classroom. Students this week should sit down with parents and read the class syllabus together along with zoom expectations. Once they have been read, student should turn in assignment as "completed" on GC. Students have also been assigned a reading and notebook assignment on TCI, sections #1-7. They need to log in through Clever with their student email to access the TCI content. All work will be due on Sundays at 5pm. Thank you! -Ms. Madrid