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Mr. Allen's Fall 2020 Social Studies Class-Period 6

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A Letter about the Fall of Western Rome
 in Google Classroom

A Letter about the Fall of Western Rome

You will pretend to be a Roman living in the city of Rome during the year 476 C.E. You are writing a letter to a friend who lives in the Eastern Roman Empire, in the city of Constantinople (once called Byzantium). You will explain to your friend the causes for the demise of the Western Roman Empire.

At the start, we will work together to complete seven paragraphs of the letter. An outline of the letter is used to write the letter. The source for information is your TCI textbook, pages 42-43. At this time, each paragraph is worth 1 point.


Investigating Primary Sources Part 1: Justinian I in Google Classroom

Investigating Primary Sources Part 1: Justinian I

This assignment begins an inquiry into the life of perhaps the best known Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Emperor. The attachment includes a reading source and three questions. A CER writing plan and a rubric are included in the attachment to help the student to write thorough responses to the questions.

Note: The rubric in the attachment says to use two sources. You will only need to use the one source included in the attachment.

The attachment is a copy. That means that your answers will be written on the attachment and turned in for credit.


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