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5th - Math - Goodnight

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Graphing Stories Part 3 in Google Classroom

Graphing Stories Part 3

Record a flipgrid video of you explaining what is happening in your graph.

Be sure to include:
1) Identify the independent and dependent variables
2) Identify each segment as increasing or decreasing and linear or non-linear
3) Make it FUN!


Week of OCT 26th Work in Google Classroom

Week of OCT 26th Work

Mon/Tues) Finish IXL Q.13 from thurs/fri to 90%
Wed) Finish IXL Q.2 from mon/tues to 90%
Thurs/Fri) Finish IXL X.3 AND DD.3 to 90% (we will go over and start this in class)

1pt for each IXL


Group Project!!!!! in Google Classroom

Group Project!!!!!

Groups of three, see the spreadsheet attached for your group members. By Friday please submit a google doc/slides that includes:

1) Your team name
2) Your team rules
3) At least one time you 3 will meet outside of school hours and have your cameras and microphones on to DISCUSS the "project"

The project will be due at the time of the test, about 3 weeks from now.


Work for Week of NOV 2nd in Google Classroom

Work for Week of NOV 2nd

^^^^SUPER IMPORTANT - We will cover this in class and do IXL Q.15, PLEASE COME TO CLASS ON MON/TUES

Before Test)
You do not need to complete all them, please choose at least 3 (preferably those you need the most practice on):
Complete a chart and graph - S.14 (90%)
Compare y=mx+b equations - S.16 (90%)
Find slope and y-intercept - S.6 (90%)
Write an equation from a word problem - S.13 (90%)
Vertical Line Test (lines) - Q.5 (90%)
Identify functions from Mapping Diagrams/Plotted points - Q.4 (90%)