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Lang Arts 8-Period 6 - Kern

Course Description

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Weekly Lesson Outline - ELA 8 - 10/26/20 to 10/30/20 in Google Classroom

Weekly Lesson Outline - ELA 8 - 10/26/20 to 10/30/20

Timetracker: This section indicates items that students should write in their Timetrackers, such as due dates and where to submit assignments.

Objectives: This section indicates our weekly objectives. It will often include academic vocabulary words with links to corresponding definitions.

Lesson Focus: This section indicates the weekday of the lesson and the relevant topic(s) and/or essential questions.

Agenda: This section indicates an overview of the lesson.

Wednesday PAWS Intervention/Enrichment Focus: This section indicates what my PAWS session will be focusing on that Wednesday.

Optional Extensions: This section indicates activities that students may complete to enrich their learning.


"The Landlady" Choice Activity in Google Classroom

"The Landlady" Choice Activity


Lit Circle: Socratic Seminar Questions in Google Classroom

Lit Circle: Socratic Seminar Questions


Quarter 1 Reading Log in Google Classroom

Quarter 1 Reading Log