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Mr Garcia's 5th period Class-Period 5 Winter 2020-21

Course Description

6th Grade Social Studies (Ancient History)

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What's Happening October 19th to the 23rd

What is happening October 19th to October 23rd
Just another reminder that this information sheet is a graded assignment, worth 5 points. You have until Wednesday October 7 to get credit, so read it then turn.

Quote of the week

"Be yourself, everyone is already taken"
(Oscar Wilde)

What is happening the week of October 19th to October 23rd.

We are continuing the topic of Ancient man. We will be seeing video of these amazing Hominids
Things you should already be familiar with:
1. The Five Hominids time has produced
Homo Habilis (Man of skill)
Homo Erectus (Upright Man)
Homo Sapiens (Wise Human)
2. Hunters, Gatherers, and Wanderers.
3. Primary and Secondary Sources
4. Cave Paintings
5. Tools and fire
6. Top of the evolutionary scale "Necessity is the mother of invention"
7. The Domestication of Plants and Animals
8. Human settlement

What we will be discussing this week getting ready for the short answer Midterm
9. Civilization itself
10. The migration of humans up until today in the year 2020

Just like always, if for any reason the words written above make absolutely no sense at all, just text or call me for further information. 310-871-3679 my cell phone

Mr. Garcia