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PERIOD 6: 𝔼𝕩𝕡𝕝𝕠𝕣𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 𝕠𝕗 𝔸𝕣𝕥-Mrs. McLynn Assignments

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Figure in Motion Drawing in Google Classroom

Figure in Motion Drawing

Criteria for project:

1. Must depict a full figure in motion, drawn large

2. Figure must be proportional

3. Must use oil pastels to add color and values

4. Background must depict lines and contrasting colors/values to show movement

Past Assignments


3 Proportional Figures in Google Classroom

3 Proportional Figures

Please draw the adult male, adult female and choose either the 6 or 12 year old to draw from. Draw the guidelines and use them as reference when drawing the figures.


5 Gesture Drawings in Google Classroom

5 Gesture Drawings

In your sketchbook or loose paper draw 5 loose figure drawings. I've attached some examples you may copy, or look up your own.


Personal Grid Portrait in Google Classroom

Personal Grid Portrait

1. You may choose a ready-made portrait from the "Original Grid Portrait" tab
2. If you would like to choose your own, here is what you may do to grid your original:
a. download the "Drawing Grid Maker" app on your phone
b. Use an image from your photos or download a picture from the Internet
c. Open the image on the app
d. Be sure to check off the "Sq" box and "bw" (this will make sure your image is black and
white and square grid)
e. From here you can print, save and download onto your computer to view or simply just
draw it from there (but I suggest saving it, just in case something goes wrong!)
3. Grid LIGHTLY on loose paper or sketchbook (approx 8.5x11") 2x2" squares. This means the
zero is on the edge of the paper and you will mark every 2 inches (2,4,6,8). Do this
horizontally and vertically.
4. Now, omit any boxes that are not needed by cutting.
5. Begin to draw box-by-box onto your grid paper, no shading yet!
6. When you are done with the line drawing, ERASE all grid lines
7. Use your pencil and paper towel to add shading and blend!

1. Take a pic of both your drawing and the original (if you used one of my originals, no pic is
2. Upload/Attach onto the blank document titled, "Personal Grid Portrait & Original"
3. Then TURN IT IN right here, into this assignment


Abe Lincoln Grid Drawing in Google Classroom

Abe Lincoln Grid Drawing

1. Draw a 5x6 inch rectangle in your sketchbook
2. Mark every one by one inch inside the rectangle
3. Number all boxes
4. Draw box to box. Paying close attention to the lines in each box and where they are located within the box.
5. No Shading


Mystery Grid in Google Classroom

Mystery Grid

Instructions (to be completed in sketchbook or loose paper:)
1. Using a ruler, draw a 6x8 inch rectangle
2. Grid 1x1inch squares
3. Number each box
4. Use the handout provided to draw the exact lines/shapes into the appropriate box on your paper
5. Take a picture of your drawing and upload it onto the blank document


Color Wheel in Google Classroom

Color Wheel

Please print out the color wheel below OR if you do not have access to a printer, place a blank sheet of paper on your computer screen and trace the color wheel onto your paper. We will do this assignment in class.


Blended Watercolor Painting in Google Classroom

Blended Watercolor Painting

Project Criteria:
1. Painting needs to have a theme
2. Background must show at least 3 different colors blended
3. Color scheme must "look good"
4. Black silhouette must balance the color
5. Part(s) of the black silhouette should run-off
6. Craftsmanship=neatness
7. Originality


Transitional Drawing in Google Classroom

Transitional Drawing

Project Instruction and Criteria:
1. Split your paper intro 4 equal parts
2. Number each box (1-4)
3. Box #1 should depict the first object
4. Box #4 should depict the second object

1. Must depict 2 different images/objects in 4 stages of transformation
2. Both image/object MUST share a similar shape
3. Stages must show gradual change
4. Shading must be completed with pencil or stippled using pen (i.e: ultra fine tip Sharpie)
5. Must show at least 5 values when shading
6. Drawings must be large enough to fit into each box
7. Craftsmanship, Neatness!


Reflection Questions: Transitional Drawing in Google Classroom

Reflection Questions: Transitional Drawing

Please open the doc below and answer the questions USING COMPLETE SENTENCES


Hand Surrealism in Google Classroom

Hand Surrealism

Project Criteria:
1. Must depict a minimum of 3 hands in various positions at least one hand holding an object , all hands drawn to the wrist
2. Must depict at least 3 examples of overlap
3. Must depict at least 2 examples of run-off
4. Must depict a Surrealist style landscape
5. Must depict space and diminution
6. Must depict a specific theme
7. Must depict at least 5 shading values


Shattered Values in Google Classroom

Shattered Values

1. Select a theme/subject
2. Divide the drawing using 5-7 lines (go all the way to the edge of the paper)
3. Begin by shading one area of the drawing (stay inside the lines and treat the background as a separate space)
4. Show ALL 5 values and BLEND!
5. Do not trace the image, if shading is done correctly the image should stand out