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Ms. Vandever's Period 2 Math 6-Tuesdays & Fridays at 8:30am Assignments

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Past Assignments


The Lemonade Problem (Preview) in Google Classroom

The Lemonade Problem (Preview)

Please complete this assignment before math class on Thursday. Be prepared to share which pitcher you think tastes more like lemon or if both pitchers will have the same amount of lemon flavor. Have a reason for your answer.


Edpuzzle | Ratios Video #2 Equivalent Ratios in Google Classroom

Edpuzzle | Ratios Video #2 Equivalent Ratios

Watch the Ratios video attached. Be sure to write down the examples and steps in your math notebook. We will review the video and do some practice questions on Friday during our class meeting.


Google Form #1 in Google Classroom

Google Form #1

Please complete this google form to see how well you understand what a ratio is. Complete it after class today, before your our next class meeting class on Friday.


Figure Me Out! in Google Classroom

Figure Me Out!

Complete the attached "Figure Me Out!" google slides assignment. Feel free to be as creative as you would like with the math problems to figure out and the color and format (make sure it is readable though) of your slide. Have fun with this assignment. It due on Thursday Sept 3rd, so you have plenty of time to work on it. (Remember that on Wednesdays you have a lot of time to do independent work).


Edpuzzle | Ratios Video #1 Introduction to Ratios in Google Classroom

Edpuzzle | Ratios Video #1 Introduction to Ratios

Watch this video and take notes in your math notebook. If you don't have a math notebook, you can make one by putting a few pieces of paper together and titling it math notebook :)
Write down any questions that you have. We will review this topic in class on Tuesday Sept 1st, so please be sure to watch the video before then.


Period 2: Introduce Yourself - Flipgrid Video in Google Classroom

Period 2: Introduce Yourself - Flipgrid Video

Hi students! I'm so excited to meet you and learn about you. Please use 1-2 props and introduce yourself. Tell us your name and some interesting facts about yourself such as your favorite activities outside of school, a favorite place to go, a favorite food, or any other fun fact about yourself.

If you already have flip grid, use the join code addeba3d

Update - It seems like flipgrid has too many users and a lot of people are having problems getting into flipgrid. Try again sometime over the weekend if you weren't able to open flipgrid today.


Watch 2 videos and then complete your Funny Faces google slide in Google Classroom

Watch 2 videos and then complete your Funny Faces google slide

Hi students, Your assignment today is to view 2 videos made by Ms. Bergonzi one of our awesome Math 6 teachers. The first video is about making mistakes in math. In our class, mistakes are expected, respected, inspected (learned from), and then corrected.

The second video shows you a little bit about how to work in google slides. You will show us what your learned by making a funny face with the options on the google slides. When you are done, please attach your funny faces google slides and then submit the assignment.

This assignment is due by Friday August 28th at 8:15am.