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2-Balboa Advanced Theatre Arts-Period 2 Assignments

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DTASC Student Code of Conduct in Google Classroom

DTASC Student Code of Conduct

Please complete by Friday or you cannot compete in the DTASC festival!

School Codes:
Middle School is AGQ.


Final Product in Google Classroom

Final Product

Upload your final scripts/videos/projects here!


Dress Rehearsal/Final Showcase Product Feedback Submission in Google Classroom

Dress Rehearsal/Final Showcase Product Feedback Submission

Hey all!

Please submit your videos here for feedback before your performance next week!

Remember your 5/8 minute time limits, neutral backgrounds, entrances and exits (aka turning video on and off and muting and unmuting) and most importantly YOUR ACTING AND THE CONTENT FOR YOUR CATEGORY!! Check the rules for your category and email me with any questions!

Musical Theatre:
- Record in Horizontal/Landscape
- Listen to SSA recordings with you sing
- Record vocals & dance separate if you WANT
- Record solos & groups in SEPARATE clips

See the Virtual Festival Guidelines on your library of resources or on the DTASC website (linked here)
I uploaded an example of the score sheets that will be used to score your scenes at the festival, though these are NOT the final score sheets. These are also what I will use to model your grade for the class. Make sure you submitted a Dress Rehearsal video for the showcase so that I can give you feedback by Tuesday!


Nearpod SEL Check In: Support Circles in Google Classroom

Nearpod SEL Check In: Support Circles

Sign in using Google,

Code: 2VTRX


FINAL Showcase Date Voting Form in Google Classroom

FINAL Showcase Date Voting Form

Narrowed it down to the two dates/times for the showcase on Zoom next week, these were the times/dates with the least amount of conflicts, please fill out ASAP!


DTASC Showcase Performance Date Preference  in Google Classroom

DTASC Showcase Performance Date Preference

Adults & students can all have a vote for their preferences on the date for the showcase. I will be emailing this out to your adults at home. As you know, most of the students in the Advanced Theatre Class will be competing in the DTASC festival this fall. The festival will be virtual due to COVID, and will be done by video submission (due by October 24th) with a virtual award ceremony on Sunday November 16th. My plan is to stay as true to the nature of theatre as possible and do a showcase performance by the students the week of October 19th-20th. I plan to use the recording of that performance/presentation for their submission to the festival, unless students ask to re-record. Please vote below on your preferred date and time for the showcase performance.


Script Analysis in Google Classroom

Script Analysis

Everyone completes pages 1 and 2, tech theatre you are answering the questions for the characters that you are completing your makeup and costume renderings for. Performers ONLY complete page 3 as well


DTASC Script Research in Google Classroom

DTASC Script Research

Start digging through my treasure trove of scripts for some that stand out to you as a potential one to use for your DTASC category. They are separated by division and genre. I also included a link for finding Classical Monologues for those doing the Audition Monologue category!

(Technical Theatre & Musical Categories are the exception. Musical, you likely will pick something that is NOT in this folder, because rights are different for a musical number and we easily have access to purchasing music. So Sky is (almost) the limit! Start brainstorming some ideas for numbers you could perform with your amount of people. Technical Theatre, the production you base your projects off of can be in this folder or can be your own selection. If you need scripts purchased, you need to talk to me first!)

Be sure to fill out the attached Google Form, listing the TOP THREE (3) TEXTS (MONOLOGUES/SCENES/SONGS/PLAYS) you are interested in performing or creating your tech designs for at the DTASC festival. If you are competing in both technical theatre and performance categories, fill out the form twice, once for each category.

RESEARCH must be completed by CLASS time FRIDAY (Giving you the PAWS day to complete the task as well and am open TO YOU ALL if you need help sorting through texts). You should come to class ready to discuss your top selections. Google Form must be completed by the END of the day FRIDAY.



Digital "Improv"

Be sure to "Mark as done" in Google Classroom AFTER you complete it on Nearpod!


"Act it Out" Activity Reflection

Today in class we acted out the Community Agreements and worked in small groups. Answer the reflection questions by completing the provided sentences directly on the document. Be sure to "turn in" when you are done.


Theatre Vocabulary Pre-test in Google Classroom

Theatre Vocabulary Pre-test

This is for me to get an idea of what you already know in terms of theatre performance vocabulary! Your score doesn't matter in terms of your grade, it just tells me what I still need to teach you! :) You will be receiving a grade for COMPLETING it


Nearpod: What is Drama?  in Google Classroom

Nearpod: What is Drama?

Click the link to watch the attached video. Be sure to answer ALL the questions within the video lesson to get full credit.

Be sure to LOG IN WITH GOOGLE to access the lesson, if asked for a CODE: EZDKM

If Google Classroom doesn't automatically mark as completed when you finish the lesson, make sure you "mark as done" on Google Classroom or it will annoy you with a "missing" notification.


Quiz: Syllabus & Resources in Google Classroom

Quiz: Syllabus & Resources

This is an OPEN note/resource, so use your syllabus, the "Digital Classroom" Slides (Bitmoji animated classroom, and the information under "year-long resources" under "classwork" to help you answer the questions! Take as many times as you need to get the score you want!


Flipgrid: Introduction RESPONSE  in Google Classroom

Flipgrid: Introduction RESPONSE

This week you are WATCHING your peers' videos and are REPLYING to at least ONE classmate by commenting a video response (See attached example if you need it)

Video Comment Response:
● Respond to at least ONE classmate's introduction, connecting to what they shared
● Use the following sentence frames (IF YOU NEED THEM)

1. Thanks for sharing __________ about yourself. I can connect because....
2. I can relate to when you said _____________ because...
3. I'm glad I got to get to know more about you, I never knew that ____________.


Digital Syllabus Signatures in Google Classroom

Digital Syllabus Signatures

You and your adult at home should both review the syllabus and fill out the attached google form together.


Drama Questionnaire  in Google Classroom

Drama Questionnaire

PLEASE read the questions carefully before answering! Make sure you read ALL of the DTASC festival documents BEFORE completing this questionnaire.


Flipgrid: Introduction to Classmates in Google Classroom

Flipgrid: Introduction to Classmates

Introduce Yourself to Your Classmates!

MUST include the following:
1. Your FACE
2. Your VOICE
3. Your name & grade
4. Answers to TWO of the prompts listed below
●How do you express yourself?
● What is your favorite food? Music? Article of clothing?
● List three words that express how you’re feeling today.
● Do you often tell the truth? If not, why do you hold back?

See attached video instructions to see how to use Flipgrid!


"Bibi" Notetaker

Watch the short film "Bibi" and complete the notetaker for YOUR assigned character while watching the film. We will discuss as a group and complete the rest of the notetaker in class together :)

Due THURSDAY: YOUR assigned character's column of the notetaker
Due NEXT WEEK (Week of 8/31- COMPLETED notetaker, after class has reviewed it)

Students new to the class: Don't worry about completing the notetaker yet, but watch the film bc we will discuss it next week!


Student Survey: Tell Me About You!  in Google Classroom

Student Survey: Tell Me About You!