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Mr. Allen's Fall/Spring 2020-21 Social Studies Class-Period 1

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TCI - The Rise of Kingdoms and Empires in Google Classroom

TCI - The Rise of Kingdoms and Empires

Students go to the online TCI textbook and access assignments. The student will find "TCI - The Rise of Kingdoms and Empires." Do the reading. Answer the Notes questions. The assignment must be completed and turned in to TCI. Each answer is worth a point.

Once you turn in the assignment to TCI, come back here. Open the attachment, do what it says, and submit it here in Google Classroom. This step lets you officially announce that you have successfully completed and turned in the online TCI Notes to TCI.


Google Classroom Join Codes

Period 1: r73ebtr                  Period 2: zuliok2               Period 3: cvex7f5
Period 5: wwe7kj4                Period 6: go3y42f