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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Culver City Middle School
Distance learning making you crazy? Dealing with information overload? We know that sometimes an email is missed, information is overlooked and you just can't find your answer. Here's some info that will hopefully help you get through these first few days of school and help you navigate this new year! (Questions/answers will be updated as information changes)

  • Who is my child’s counselor?
    • Sarah Slemmons (A-E)
    • Jeanine Lizotte (F-K)
    • Terence Brown (L-Q)
    • Jesse Nova (R-Z)
  • How do I notify the school about my child’s absence?
    • Please call the main office at (310)842-4200 to clear your child’s absence. 
  • How will my child know what to do each week?
    • Their teachers will be posting their weekly agenda on their google classroom page. Through Google Classroom, they can also access their Google calendar which will show their assignments that are assigned. 
  • How does PAWs on Wednesday work?
    • PAWs is for students who would benefit from extra time with their teachers. This can either be student-initiated or by teacher recommendation. 
  • What is a Time Tracker and when will the students receive it? 
    • Time trackers are available for pick up from room 1 9/15 - 9/18 from 12 pm to 4pm daily.
  • Will Panther Pods remain on the schedule even when we go to hybrid schedule? 
    • Yes! We are excited that Panther Pods will be part of our school schedule this year. 
  • Will my child be required to use Google Classroom? 
    • Yes. All teachers at CCMS will be utilizing Google Classroom for virtual learning. 
  • What is Fun Friday and is it mandatory?
    • Fun Friday is a 30 minute non-academic course that is run by our faculty. It allows for our students to engage and enjoy a class to learn a new skill or share their interests with their classmates. Attendance for Fun Friday is mandatory as soon as it begins on September 11th. 
  • How can parents track their child’s progress?
    • Aeries Parent Portal is a great way to track attendance and grades. In addition, parents can be added as guardians to receive daily or weekly Google Classroom summaries for what was posted as announcements, assignments, and which assignments were turned in or missing. As these are summaries, if parents want to check with their child in the morning, they can log in to Google Classroom together to see posted assignments, stream announcements and grades. 
  • What do students do between 1:30-2:30? 
    • During the Independent Student Work time, students can be working on assignments, homework, studying, or checking in with teachers during their scheduled office hours. 
  • What is UC Scout? 
    • UC Scout is a program that will be used by students in Math 8 and Algebra 1. The teachers will be explaining how to log in and use it to their students in class. 
  • If I have not received an invite from a teacher’s Google Classroom, what should I do? 
    • The guardian invites have been known to be found in parents’ spam folders. It should be an email that is from the teacher’s name with (classroom) next to it. If it is not there, please email your child’s teacher to let them know. 
  • If my child needs special accommodations, what should we do? 
    • Teachers will all get IEPs and 504s for special accommodations. We will also still hold IEP and 504 meetings via virtual meetings. As before, teachers will be informed of the accommodations and work with students and families.
  • If my child has an issue with their teacher, what should we do?
    • We always recommend the student reaching out to their teacher. If the issue is not addressed or resolved, the next step would be to reach out to their counselor. 
  • I’m not receiving the Paw Print newsletters! What do I do?
    • Ms. Villafranca’s Paw Print newsletters are sent out every Sunday. If you are not seeing them, it may be sitting in your spam folder. If you don’t find it there, please reach out to our main office to see if your email address in Aeries is correct. In the meantime, we post the Paw Print on our school website. 
16. What do we do if we are having connectivity issues or computer trouble for synchronous learning? 
    • If it is a temporary issue, please reach out to the teachers so that they are aware and your child won’t miss the information covered. If it is an ongoing problem, please let us know so we can help come up with a solution. 
17. How will attendance be taken? 
    • Every class period will have a synchronous component with live video sessions. Attendance will be taken during the live sessions and will be mandatory. 
18. What should the students do if the teacher is having internet/technology issues?
    • We, as educators, certainly are not immune to these issues as well! If the teachers internet/technology has issues, they will most likely post a new link or will post updates on their Google Classroom stream.
19. How much do grab and go lunches cost?
    • Grab and go breakfast is $2.25 and lunch is $3.50. There are different prices for reduced fee lunches available. To fill out an application for free or reduced meals, please go to the following link. 
20. How do students and parents access Aeries?
    • Students can go to our website. Under the Students banner, there is a link for Student Aeries Portal. Similarly, under the Parents banner, parents will have access to the Parent Portal.
21. How will my child know what the zoom link is?
    • All of the teachers are posting their live video link to their Google Classroom. It is important for all students to log into their Google accounts first thing in the morning. 
22. Is it to late to change my schedule?
    • Elective and Fun Friday changes are closed for the fall semester. If you would like to change your elective or Fun Friday for the spring semester, please send your counselor an email in December.
23. I'm trying to enroll a new student!
    • If you are continuing to wait on enrollment, please email We are prioritizing new enrollments and will be reaching out via email with schedules and log in info as quickly as possible.
24. I don't have access to AERIES/student email!
25. I want to make an appointment with someone!
26. I haven't registered my child yet!
    • Please complete the Data Confirmation in Aeries (parent portal only) and submit your completed disaster and emergency release form to 
27. I don't have textbooks!
    • Please visit our school library weekdays between 9 am and 2 pm to pick up you books - please bring a copy of your schedule (printed or digital!).
28. My question/answer isn't here!
    • Email us! Please use the contact form here and your email will be routed to the correct department/person!
Updated 9/17/20