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Students and Parents!

Welcome to Science 8 for the 2020-2021 school year! I know this is not how any of us imagined the start of a new school year, but I am so excited to have you join my class. As one of my students, you have been sent an invitation to our Google Classroom. Here are the Google Classroom codes for our class if you did not receive an invite from me: 

Period 1:  ue77w5s

Period 3:  atzzum6

Period 4:  23w7qko

Period 5:  mst257a

Period 6:  swakook

Panther Pod:  6d3bw3q

All Disney Fun Friday:  e6uuzrd      

This distance learning model is new for all of us.  We will all learn and make progress with this learning format together.  It is really important to me that everyone feels comfortable and safe this year. Iā€™m really excited to jump into the science topics you will be learning about this year!


General information:

Weekly assignments will be posted in google classroom on Monday's.

Zoom links will be posted in the stream of the google classroom.

Grades will be posted in Aeries.

Please feel free to reach out by email if you have any questions. 

The whole class will get to know one another very well over the year and I look forward to learning more about you! 

Take good care,

Ms. Stowers 




New Assignment Posting Location!!
During Monday's teacher planning time, teachers were instructed to create a google classroom to post assignments and instructions.  I sent an email to everyone inviting them to join my google classroom based on your period.  Future instructions as long as this online learning at home continues, will be posted on google classroom.  
All Students Periods 1-6:
Please join google classroom for this class and follow the updates from there. 
Science classes
As mentioned before, for this week, I will be posting two assignments.  The work that will be completed will be added to your notebook.  If a worksheet is provided, you can print the assignments and answer the questions or you can write out the questions and provide the answers (don't need to include any images/pictures).  Again for this week, the assignments will be added to your notebook.  
The more detailed instructions will be provided on google classroom soon.  To be continued. 
Hope everyone is staying healthy! 

Science 8

Hi Students and Parents!
If you have clicked on my name to keep up with assignments while we are not on campus and conducting school online, Welcome! But this is not where things will be posted currently.  If things change, I will let you know.  At this time, things are posted under assignments.  If you back out of this, and instead of clicking on my name to get to these "posts", you can click on the assignment number which is currently in the 70's.  (When you click on homework, Science/or Teen Living, and find my name, you don't click on my name, you click on the assignment number that is to the right of my name.)   That will take you to the assignments posted.
Instructions and updates will be posted there.     

Information for Tuesday/Wednesday May 30/31

Time Tracker
Astronomy Test and Notebook check should be taken and turned in
Warm up
Positive Prevention
Black Holes
Brightest things in the universe

Information for Thursday/Friday May 25/26

Time Tracker:
Things turned in this week:
1)Astronomy Test
2)Astronomy Notebook Check
Check Aeries
Warm up
Positive Prevention
Black holes
Brightest things in the Universe 

Information for Tuesday/Wednesday May 23/24

Time Tracker:
If Absent Monday May 22 Make up Test This week 
Warm up
Notebook Check
Intro Positive Prevention 
Astronomy:  Black Holes 

Information for Monday May 22

Time Tracker:
The Astronomy notebook check (pages 70-78)
will be this Tuesday/Wednesday
Warm up
Update Notebook Table of Contents
Review for Astronomy Assessment
Astronomy Assessment

Information for Thursday/Friday May 18/19

Time Tracker:
Astronomy Assessment on Monday
Notebook check on Tuesday/Wed 
Check Aeries
Warm up
Eclipse w.s. page 77L
Elliptical Orbits
78L Comets/Asteroids/Meteoroids/Meteor and Meteorites 
78L Size of Mars/Planets/Stars Summary
78R Gravity and Orbits/Clip
If Time:
Goldilocks Conditions 

Information for Tuesday/Wednesday May 16/17

Time Tracker:
Astronomy Assessment on Monday Next Week
Notebook Check Next Tuesday/Wednesday
Check Aeries
Warm up
Update Table of Contents
Pass back graded work
Moon Intro
Moon Vocabulary Assignment (page 76L & R)
Moon Clip notes page (77R)
Finish Earth is Born Clip

Information for Tuesday/Wed May 9/10

Time Tracker:
73 Right
Comparing inner and outer planets should be complete
Warm up
Finish Comparing Planets Assignment
Start Solar System Models

Information for Monday May 8

Time Tracker:
73 L Inner/Outer Planet Data should be complete
Warm up
Table of contents update
Earth Day Discussion
73 Left
Finish Data Collection of Inner/Outer Planets
73 Right
Start Comparing Inner/Outer Planet Assignment  

Information for Tuesday/Wed May 2

Time Tracker:
Check Aeries
Assignments completed last week:  Notebook check and Bottle Rocket Launch
Warm up
Solar System eclipse
Reasons for the seasons review
What holds together our solar system and galaxies?
What do you know about the Soar System?
Begin the Solar System Investigation
Solar System Video

Information for Monday May 1

Time Tracker:
Bottle Rocket Reflection Completed in class today
Check Aeries
Warm up
Bottle Rockets reflection and newton's laws  (70 page in notebook)
Earth in Space Intro
Moon Phases
Solar/Lunar Eclipses
Reasons for the Seasons

Information for Tuesday/Wednesday

Time Tracker:
Bottle Rocket Launch Thursday/Friday
April 27/28
Warm up
Notebook Check
Finish Bottle Rocket
Bottle Rocket/Newton's Laws/Friction/Gravity