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8th Grade Science With Mr. Mekemson

        Welcome to Mr. Mekemson's science class.  This year we will be exploring the connection between earth, life, and physical sciences through a variety of experiments, projects, and hands-on activities.  I believe strongly that science is to be done and not just talked about.  My goal is to help every student learn to think and function as a scientist.  This includes developing critical thinking skills, data analysis, lab practices, content knowledge, and the ability to collaborate and communicate as a contributing member of a research team.  It's going to be awesome!
        All class updates, assignments, notes, and information will be communicated through Google Classroom. All students have been invited to join the Google Classroom.  For parents/guardians interested in viewing the site, please send me a request and you will be invited to join.  Grades will be updated regularly on Aeries so please refer to that site to track student progress.  
        It is important to state that I am a father before I am a teacher.  Having raised two teenagers, I understand the social and developmental pressures that my students are facing.  With that said, I care more about who they are as a person and their overall development than I do about my own class.  I am extremely flexible and graceful and strive to make everyone feel cared for and safe.
        If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to contact the teacher via email with any questions or concerns.  For students needing additional support, I am available during Paws and can meet before or after school.  
Here's to a great year,
Mr. Mekemson
Who is this guy?
Mr. Mekemson could possibly be the greatest teacher / dancer / mime / shark whisperer of all time.  Most likely, he is not, but with over 20 years of science teaching experience, he can fall back on that.  He has taught all grades from 6th - 12th and subjects ranging from life science, physical science, anatomy, chemistry, and biology.  Basically, he's a big nerd. In addition to teaching, he has a slightly unhealthy obsession with SpongeBob, speaking in third person, and secretly hopes to die by Sharknado.  As a former research scuba diver and overall beach bum, he is all about the ocean and can't wait to share his geeky passion for all things science.