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I have Google Classroom now

Check your emails and accept my invitation.  All students have been sent an email.  I will continue to update my agenda as well. 

Google Classroom Codes: 

  • 1st nbocofy
  • 2nd kraejtw
  • 3rd rnqeau4
  •  4th rkzrjor
  • 5th pgholkt
  • 6th xjgq3q

Riley is in need of a new family!

That's right.  I'm sorry to say, but we are saying good bye to our class friend.  
If you are interested, let me know!  He needs a home that care and love for him in the way Ms. Moore cannot anymore. 
(all cage and accessories will be gifted to his new family)

Test Tuesday and Wednesday in Science 6

Study pg. 53-63 in your notebook!

Here is a compilation of the slideshows we have done in class.  Just click on the ones you would like to view!
Remember, the test will be open notebook.  So get your notebook all spruced up and ready to test on Tuesday (period 5) and Wednesday (periods 2, 4, 6)!

Good luck and you got this!!

Notebook Check Dec. 13th (per. 5) & 14th (per. 2, 4, 6)

Go to this link to know what I will be looking for on the notebook check come December 10th or 11th.